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White Night Kwang Live

Level Infinite conducted live broadcasts to commemorate the 1.5th anniversary of the strategic chain of RPG White Night Wang, which is developed and serviced by Tour Dog Studio. This live broadcast, which is held through the official YouTube and Enchant Twitch channels, appeared in Tho Ni, Park Dong-min, and training, and shows the theme song, music video, and the 1.5th anniversary new update in advance in the presentation of the top 20 results of the white-night idol band contest. Various information has been disclosed.

■ From the selection of idol bands on the Astra continent to new Austrian, special live

Prior to the announcement of the 1.5th anniversary of the White Night Drama, the results of the idol band selection event and related events were held in November. In the midterm settlement, which was held every week from the 17th, Fleur and Azure went to the first and second place, followed by Via, Group, No bio, Hero, Elsie, and Bethlehem.

In the final results, the Austrian, which was heard in TOP20 such as Aroma, Barton, Smokey, Irina, and Aaron, was first announced, but not in the top five in the final settlement. Group, who was in the fourth place in the first midterm settlement, eventually dropped out of the top 5 with 11th place, and Vice, the most familiar to pilots, was also 13th. In addition, popular Aurora, such as Bethlehem and Karen, failed to list the top five, ranking eighth and sixth, respectively. TOP5 was selected as Elsie (Keyboard), Hair (Drum), Pick (Tambourine), Azure (Base & Vocal), and Fleur (Kit & Vocal), and the combination of idol bands was completed, and Gold was a special guest. Done.

Along with the confirmation of the selection of idol band members, the band name, each member's signature, and the 1.5th anniversary theme song 'BELIEVE in the Light' were partially released. 'BELIEVE in the Light' will be released on December 31st, and all music sources and MV's will be released on Twitter and YouTube. It is provided.

Subsequently, the new animation PV, which was newly produced with the winter theme, and the period of limited event, 'Drifting Star Sky-Changgung's movement' PV was released. Forest attributes Austrian 'Gold', Water/Forest Property Austrian 'BIK', 5-star Austrian 'Brandy', which appealed to users through PV and the idol band contest. The war of participation was confirmed. In addition, 'special recital' (Movie), 'Exciting Punch Line (Nemesis)', 'Hangman Idol (Li Liam)' skin and various furniture will be added.

'Gold', which has participated as a special guest of the idol band, is an independent forest Austrian, and randomly converts two compartments to reinforcement compartments, but also plays the play in consideration of both idols and combat hymns. Should be. The idol state is not possible to attack, and the chain skill is restoring HP, and the combat hymn state can attack ordinary attacks, and the casting condition is increased by 2 spaces instead of damage to all enemies.

In combat hymns, Gold can continue to connect through the columns that have been enemies. But the enemy can not be the end. In addition, when connecting the compartment, the reinforcement compartment is regarded as a full-colored compartment, resulting in a rapid increase in movement and attack freedom. In the idol state, HP recovery and reinforcement khan production ability is the key to maintaining the balance of maintenance and offensive as it goes well between the two.

Similarly, BIK, an independent water/forest attribute, calls three colleagues and has a skill that damages the three enemies, each of which each. In addition, every time the general attack is moved while moving the water attribute compartment, the animals attack the targets they are aiming, and the damage does not receive the connection bonus, but each animal increases the damage by 30%. Via's advantage is that it is a mechanism that tracks and hits enemies on the map, not adjacent to the water attribute compartment, but it is a mechanism that tracks the enemies that fit the conditions on the map.

The forest/Lightning attribute Austrian 'Brandy' of Umbra ton has an active skill that converts the nearest five squares into forest properties and adds 'surveillance records' to half of the enemies in the field. . Reinforcement compartments are created under the feet of up to three of the existing enemies.

■ The 1.5th Anniversary Event of White Night Drama Consuls

Prior to the demonstration of the cast, the introduction of the 1.5th anniversary event and reward was first introduced. First, a limited event 'Drifting Star Sky-Changgung Rings' will be held, and the event consists of a limited stage 'Heaven Song', a hard stage 'Dream Recall', and an event store 'Brandy's coverage'. You can obtain the event item 'Gold Goods' by consuming the stage by consuming the stage from a heavenly song or designated stage. Can. In addition, when clearing the hard stage, you can earn two special convening markers and 500 Lumbers.

In addition, during the 1.5th anniversary event, 10 consecutive convocations will be opened every week, and 'Gold' and 'Beak' will appear as a limited convenience. Along with the opening of a limited number of convocation, you can also receive a 'Idol sign' by accessing the game every day. Idol signs can be obtained up to 10 times, and the item can be convened once in the Gold Special Limited Stars.

In order to commemorate the idol band starter, the idol development event 'Star Entertainment' will also be held. The pilot becomes an idol producer, developing Gold's idol ability, achieving the number of target fans, and helping to hold a concert. The success of the concert is determined according to the number of fans achieved every 14 turn, and the game ends if the goal fails to achieve in the process. The ending varies depending on the holding concert and producer work results, and you can earn rewards every time you open each different ending. Through this process, you can get rewards of 600 Lumbers and 100,000 Nightie in the event.

There is also a 'den of evil' for hard users. The den of evil is a rogue-style challenge content that clears the enemies that appear in every wave and sometimes select not only the random relics but also the colleagues, and the final wave is cleared. The user can configure a squadron by selecting the Austrians that are provided free of charge according to the daily rotation, as well as the Austrian they have, and all the Austrians are set to the highest level.

The den of evil consists of 6 stages, and if you win each stage battle, you will get this ability experience.

Leveling your ability to get a point, you can step up the Inter special equipment, this ability skill, and the relics of this ability system. This ability skills can be leveled up using this ability point, and additional points can be obtained when completing a denial quest in addition to the stage clear. This ability point can be redistributed after initialization. A total of 600 Lumber rewards are given when clearing the wings of evil.

In addition, the limited attendance event 'Fandom attendance', the doubled drop event period is limited, and the three-fold compensation period of the catastrophe was also held. In January, three new Austrians will be added along with the new continental trailer. In March, three new Austrians and three new costumes of detective themes will be added.


In addition, from January to May, five events: the shadow of the fog, the eternal white night, the Queen of the hourglass, the girl and the ruins, and the snowflake in Hong Jade are reprinted. The main story new chapter will be opened together.

For more information about the 1.5th anniversary of the white night pole light, please visit the official white-night pole café.


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