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[Planning] What did Marvel Snap characters look like in the movie?

Recently, the former Hearthstone developer, Ben Broke, has developed a card game and Marvel Snap using Marvel IP at Second Dinner, and has launched a soft launch in some overseas countries. Since the former Hearthstone developers gathered and developed, we can see overseas evaluation that the completion of the card game is high.

Marvel Snap features a lot of heroes and Bill an characters. You can meet a variety of heroes and Billans, including the Avengers members who have spread their names in Korea, as well as the Guardians of Galaxy, full of humor and Jean Wrote, Fantastic 4, which deals with the struggle between four heroes, and X-Men with numerous mutants.

How did Ben Broad and Second Dinner melt Marvel IP in the card game? To find out this, I compared how Marvel characters who appeared in the movie appeared in Marvel Snap.

Hero's ability to be a card effect

■ Quick Silver

Let's run lightly for the first time with warm up. Quick Silver is a hero from the X-Men series and the Avengers: Age of Patron.

In 'X-Men: Days of Future Fast', there is an action scene in the kitchen, where Quick Silver smiles relaxed and runs slowly as if the time has stopped. This scene is one of the best scenes in the film. Marvel Snap has the effect of always appearing in the first-hand thanks to this fast running speed.

■ Night Crawler

It is a mutant that has appeared in the 'X-Men' series, featuring a triangle tail, three fingers, toes, and pale skin. The basic combat power is safe, but has the ability to teleport to the desired place. In Marvel Snap, you can move once to another area after being placed in one district.

■ Wolverine

In Korea, Wolverine, famous for its film Logan, is a hero who attacks the other person by protruding three adamantine blades hidden in the arm. He is not only a good fight, but also has a powerful healing ability of a healing factor, so he doesn't fall down with a bad attack. In the game, it focuses on this healing factor, and when the card is abandoned or destroyed, it has the effect of resurrected and placed in a random area.

■ Colossus

Colossus is a hero that can cover the body by covering the body with a special metal. He has appeared in the 'X-Men' series and the Dead Pool series, and the bullet is not scratched, but also has a powerful power of passenger cars. That's why he has the ability to ignore effects such as movement, destruction, and power reduction in the game.

■ Give me elegant

His U-ah is a universal being that monitors everything that happens in the universe but rarely affects the direct impact. He usually only appears in other works, so he doesn't appear in other works. In the series, it appeared. In Marvel Snap, the power is low, but it has the effect of previewing all areas even if it is in hand, which can take the strategic advantage.

■ Mantis

It is a hero that appeared in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, but its basic combat ability is lower than that of other heroes, but has a powerful ability to read or manipulate the mind of the other person who contacted the body. In the game, if the opponent card is placed in the same turn, the same area, the other person's card is selected. Isn't it to manipulate the player's spirit and carry a card?


■ Hulk & Abomination

It is a representative hero Hulk and Bill an Avocation that reminds me of monsters. Although it does not have a special ability, it overwhelms the other person with only a powerful physical ability to break and destroy anything. Although it does not have a special effect in the game, it is a good card for the last reversal because of its pure power compared to the same card. In particular, in the case of Hulk, it appears, shouting Hulk's representative technical name, 'Hulk Smash!'.

■ Scarlet Location

The Scarlett is a hero from the Avengers series, Wanda Vision, and Dr. Strange: Multibus of the Temple. He has the power to destroy a city, not just a level of carrying things, and mental attacks such as hallucinations and sleep. Marvel Snap has the ability to convert the areas arranged to random zones using powerful superpowers.

■ Hulk Buster

It is a suit made by Tony Stark in preparation for overpowering Hulk. Avengers: Age of Patron and Infinity War. In the film, it showed a powerful power that was not pushed by Hulk, but the power in Marvel Snap is lower than you think. Instead, the Hulk Buster does not take a separate position while combining it with one of the cards in the area.

■ Mammal

Mammal, which appears in the Thor series, is the chief of Asgard. Mammal can use his sword as a key to make a way to reach Asgard's anywhere to move the subject quickly. In Marvel Snap, this ability has the effect of moving all the cards in all areas to the left.

■ Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange is a magic hero that is known to be quite high. In the film, the time stone is used to look at the future or return to the past, but the character itself is also strong, such as opening the portal to the desired area, distortion of spatial distortion, and various attacks using magic. He actually said he had confronted him by himself.

Marvel Snap has a relatively low power, but he has the ability to move the most powerful card to the area where he is arranged. He seems to be able to use a trick that shakes his psychology at the middle of the game.

■ Carnage

Bill an, as the main Bill an appeared in 'Venom 2: Let Dear Bee Carney', is Bill an who enjoys killing. It looks very similar to Venom, but it is red with red color and can be attacked with tentacles all over the body.

He is a bit bloody because he is a Bill an who enjoys the act of killing itself. When he is placed in a zone, he will destroy all allies in the same area and get +2 power as much as the number he has destroyed. He may have up to 8 power, but it seems that research is needed to effectively write in a short number of turns.

Heroes that stand out with unique effects

■ Mr. Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic is a hero that appears as fixed in the Fantastic 4 series. He has the ability to grow all parts of the body as well as genius intelligence. Mainly stretches his arms to attack the enemy, and Marvel Snap has the effect of giving +2 power to both sides of the area where Mr. Fantastic is placed. When the effect is triggered, the card is longer in the card.

■ Cyclops

It is a hero from the X-Men series and has the ability to shoot powerful energy from the eyes. Adamantine, one of the solid materials on the basis of the original, is also pierced, and its power is enormous. It is a regular card with no card effect in the Marvel Snap, but when you try to place the card, you can see the red energy.

■ Rocket & Groot

In the Guardians of the Galaxy, the rocket and Groot, which shows the rich man beyond the best pairs, show the character's ability to see the character's ability.

First, if you get a card in the same area as your opponent, you will get additional power, and you will be activated to fire a variety of weapons. It is a good match for a rocket that can be freely dealt with not only weapons but also explosives. Groot also extends the tree stem when it is activated, creating a crushing opponent card. In the movie, he stretches his arms and attacks the enemy.

■ You

Condo has the ability to attack the other person by remotely adjusting the Aka arrow using a sensor in his head. Aka arrows fly at a high speed and have great penetration, which has the power that is not pushed even when dealing with many enemies. In fact, in the Guardians of Galaxy Vol.2, you can see the massacre of the sailors who betrayed You.

In the Marvel Snap, this power was somewhat weakly set to Power 2. If you deploy You, you have the ability to destroy the cards above your opponent's face.

■ Atman

Atman deals with enemies using suits that can increase the size of the body larger than airplanes or reduce them smaller than ants. He also uses technologies such as moving or attacking insects. In Marvel Snap, you can see the cards that are random or growing in size before the Atman card is placed in the zone.

■ Hawks eye

Hawks Eye is a hero who uses the bow very well so that it is called Gyeongsang. In the movie Avengers, he used an arrow-backed arrow to create a gap of the main Billed Loki. In addition, the Avengers: End Game appeared to be holding a long sword in Japan. In the game, the card


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