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Focus on Guilty Gear players who claim to be Joe Biden. Whether the President himself is a major American letter, a serious hit to the White House.

At the competition of the Ark System Works fighting game GUILTY GEAR XX score Plus R , a player named Joe Biden, who has the same name as the current U.S. President, has appeared suddenly and has attracted attention. That's it. Overseas media PC Gamer and others report. GUILTY GEAR XX score Plus R is a fighting game in 2012. It is also distributed on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch, and is still a very popular work. There is also a community that specializes in this work, and one of them is GUILTY GEAR CPR DISCORD. The tweet posted on October 24 reports the results of tournaments participated by North American and European players. If you look closely at the player who won the first place, it is a player name U.S.A. | Joe Biden. It is the same name as the US President. In addition, each player has released his Twitter account, and this player's account is said to be @potus. This is the official account used by successive US President. Currently used by President Biden. In r

[Planning] What did Marvel Snap characters look like in the movie?

Recently, the former Hearthstone developer, Ben Broke, has developed a card game and Marvel Snap using Marvel IP at Second Dinner, and has launched a soft launch in some overseas countries. Since the former Hearthstone developers gathered and developed, we can see overseas evaluation that the completion of the card game is high. Marvel Snap features a lot of heroes and Bill an characters. You can meet a variety of heroes and Billans, including the Avengers members who have spread their names in Korea, as well as the Guardians of Galaxy, full of humor and Jean Wrote, Fantastic 4, which deals with the struggle between four heroes, and X-Men with numerous mutants. How did Ben Broad and Second Dinner melt Marvel IP in the card game? To find out this, I compared how Marvel characters who appeared in the movie appeared in Marvel Snap. Hero's ability to be a card effect ■ Quick Silver Let's run lightly for the first time with warm up. Quick Silver is a hero from the X-Men serie

Nintendo Switch emulator is reflected in the official video of Steam Deck. Valve also involuntarily deleted the scene

Valve announced on October 7 that in the pre-sale area of the gaming device STEAM DECK, the aircraft could be purchased without waiting. At the same time, a video introducing peripheral devices and STEAM DECK software update has been released. Under such circumstances, the Nintendo Switch emulator app seems to have been controversial. Steam Deck is a portable gaming device developed by Valve. The 7-inch display is sandwiched between the center, and sticks, buttons, trackpads, etc. are arranged on the left and right. It is equipped with a Linux-based OS Steams developed by Valve as standard, and it is attractive that you can enjoy many PC games distributed at Steam operated by the company. Steam Deck has been accepted and shipped in the United States, Canada, EU, and the United Kingdom since February 26 this year. And on October 7, Valve reported that the order was accepted for the reservation queue. Currently, the number of shipments to the number of reservations has exceeded, and s