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The main points of update for developers Dead by Daylight (June 2022)

Behavior Interactive teased some big changes during its 6th anniversary. Now the developer of the popular horror Dead by Daylight has presented these changes. Patches are usually used on Tuesdays, so expect PTB update to go on the air June 28, 2022 .

Summary of updates for developers DBD-June 2022

Updated DBD Development System

Perki will no longer open through the bloody web of each killer or surviving, choosing a learning skill. Instead, increasing the character’s prestige for the first time instantly unlocks the versions of his unique abilities of the first level for all other killers/survivors. The prestige of the same character for the second and third time will reveal access to the versions of his unique abilities of the 2nd and 3rd level. As an alternative, versions of a higher level, a higher level will accidentally appear in Bloodweb after unlocking the first level.

On this note, prestige character is also changing. When the character becomes prestigious, he no longer loses his perks, objects, additions or suggestions. The slots of the perks will also remain unlocked after prestige. With this change, obtaining prestige is no longer optional when reaching the 50th level.

Prestige is still attached to cosmetics , and upon reaching 4, 5 and 6 prestige levels, players will open bloody prestigious cosmetic objects. Having reached 7, 8 and 9 prestige levels, you will receive one of the unique abilities of this character in the form of an amulet.

The temple of secrets is also a major overhaul. The acquisition of a bonus in the temple of secrets instantly unlocks the version 1 for all relevant characters. Repeated purchase will increase the level.

Changes in the DBD player selection system

In order to stimulate players to fulfill the necessary roles, such as the killer or surviving, Behavior Interactive now offers bonus to blood points who agrees to play the necessary role. Bonuses will vary from 25-100% depending on demand. Please note that the incentives for the matchmaking will be disconnected if the cross game is disabled.

Updates DBD gameplay

  • The generator shutdown now instantly removes 2.5% of the maximum progress.
  • The generator repair is up to 90 seconds (it was 80).

June * The time of destruction of walls and pallets is reduced by 10%. * Generators can start 10% faster (hello!). * The restoration time of a successful basic attack is reduced by 10%. * The duration of increasing the speed of the surviving after the blow decreases by 10%. * Blood thirst is now activated after 15/30/45 seconds of the chase. * After the lead, the survivors will receive a five-second endurance effect. Survivors will also get a speed effect of 7% for five seconds. However, the effects will be canceled if the survivor performs one of the following actions. noticeable actions : * Repair of the generator * Healing yourself or others * Cleansing or blessing of the totem * Sabotage hook * Exception of others * Opening the weekend

Changes to Metapark DBD

Murdered Meta-Perki

barbecue and chili pepper *: Bonus to blood glasses is removed. hexadecimal: ruin : a decrease in regression rate to 50/75/100%. Pop is affected : the generator will now lose 20% of its current (not in common) progress. Corrupted intervention *: deactivated as soon as the survivor enters the dying state. Tinker : Now you can only activate once for each generator with a base charge 90. hex: No one will escape death : After activation, the survivors will see the HEX TOTEM aura within four meters. This range increases to 24 meters over 30 seconds. * The wap hook: the response of the pain : the survivors will no longer scream, and the generator will no longer explode in case of loss of progress.

Meta-Perki surviving

Dead hard *: The effect of endurance will only work for one second. The decisive blow : Now it will be deactivated after the supply for the weekend gate. The duration of stunning will also be reduced to three seconds. Borrowed time : extends the duration of the Endurance effect by 6/8/10 seconds and increases the duration of the bonus to the speed of movement by 10 seconds for any surviving that you will unhook. These effects will be canceled if the surviving, unhooked from the hook, will perform a noticeable action. Iron will *: a decrease in pain to 25/50/75%. Iron will will no longer be active in exhaustion, but will not cause exhaustion. Caring for itself : The rate of treatment will be reduced to 25/30/35%, and the bonus to the effectiveness of the subject is completely removed. Cold of the spine : It is activated only if the killer is in direct sight with the surviving. There will also be a 0.5-second protracting effect Spine Chill. Finally, the storage bonus will be completely removed.

Changes Nemeta-Perkov DBD

Strengthening the abilities of the killer

reloading *: Along with its current effects, Overcharge increases the rate of regression of the generator from 100% to 400% over 30 seconds. Everion : The fine for the regression of the generator has been increased up to 10%, and the duration of the effect of disbandment is up to 15/20/25 seconds. Cut up : In addition to their current effect, the knockouts fores the dying surviving crawl 50% slower for 15 seconds and reduces the speed of their recovery by 25%. COLROFOBIE *: To make healing within the radius of the killer terror even more unattractive, COLROFOBIE will now increase the speed of checking 50% skills in addition to its current effect. Dark loyalty : Dark Devotion is now activated whenever Obsession loses its health. push : The impetus allows the killer to regress the generators, simply knocking down the surviving. To make him more consistent and punish him surviving for negligence, we removed the recovery time. Deadly pursuer *: In addition to the existing effect, the deadly pursuer now increases the duration of all the effects of reading the aura by 2 seconds. The wap hook: gift of pain : an increase in the fine to the speed of action to 10/13/16%. Tanatophobia : an increase in the fine to the speed of action to 4.5/5/5.5% for each survivor, a maximum of 18/20/22%. * Walk-cracker: The monstrous sanctuary : This bonus now converts all the hooks in the basement into the hooks of the whip. In addition, the hooks of the lashes now accelerate the development of the essence by 10/15/20%, but only if the killer is not in the range of 24 meters.

bonuses of the surviving perk

Calm spirit *: In addition to the current effects of Calm Spirit, you can now open chests, clean and bless the totems soundlessly, although with a speed reduced by 40/35/30%. saboteur : After several months of training, saboteurs can now recognize the hooks of the lashes. Their auras are displayed in yellow when they carry the survivor. Use this information in your interests to prevent the activation of Scourge Hook perks. Botanical knowledge : Knowledge of botany now increases the effectiveness of treatment by 30/40/50%, and not by 11/22/33%. not for recording *: After removing from the hook, you get the effect of the status Endurance at 60/70/80 seconds. The endurance effect is lost when performing a noticeable action. Luck : Each second spent on the treatment of another survivor increases the duration of Lucky Break by 1 second. (The total time cannot exceed the initial duration.) pharmacy : Now the pharmacy will be activated whenever you are injured by guaranteeing an emergency first-aid kit during a search of a chest. This effect can occur several times in one test. The only survivor *: in addition to concealing your aura, the only survivor now increases the speed of the repair of your generator by 75%, as well as the speed of your output gate and hatches by 50%. These effects are active only when you remain the last surviving. Distortion : Get 1 token in every 30 seconds spent in the horror radius of the killer. Light : In addition to the existing Lightweight effects, your scratches will be more sporadic, which will make it difficult to track. Your scratches will also disappear 5/4/3 seconds earlier than 3/2/1. Dejavu *: To help the survivors to drive the three closest generators, Dejavu will now give a 5% bonus to the repair rate of detected generators. No one was left behind : In addition to its current effects, no one will remain behind will give 7% bonus to the speed of movement to all the survivors that you will unhook. In addition, the perk is now activated when the gates eat and do not open. Dark feeling : When the generator is turned on, the dark feeling is activated. The next time, when the killer is 24 meters from you, his aura is revealed at 5/7/10 seconds. Then Dark Sense is deactivated. Persistence *: In addition to the current effects, perseverance now reduces your moans by 75%, when you are in a dying condition. Hoping : Hope is great for those who like to do preserving at the end of the game, but due to limited duration it can expire at an uncomfortable time. Since this perk is useful only at the end of the match, the duration was completely deleted. Excessively diligent : In the current state, the cleansing of the totem gives you a bonus to a repair speed of 6%/7%/8%. Now this bonus doubles if you clean the hex-ratt. * We will live forever : Like a barbecue and Chile, this perk gives a huge bonus to blood glasses. The behavior does not want blood glasses to dictate which perks to use, so they removed Bonus blood glasses from We’re Gonna Live Forever.

To learn more about Dead by Daylight, read Dead by Daylight: how to get Frightful Flan in DBD in the game guides for professionals.


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