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Dragon Quest Treasures Treasure Blue Ayou and the Ozora Company will be released on December 9th. Camus and Maya's great adventure, cooperate with monsters to help

Square Enix announced on June 28 that it will release Dragon Quest Treasures Aoki and Ozora's compass on December 9th. The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch. 7990 yen including tax for both the package/download version. The special version of the package is 12,890 yen including tax. The special edition will be sold in Square Enix e-Store, Lawson @ Loppi and HMV. Dragon Quest Treasures Treasure A Blue Eye and the Ozora Company is a treasure RPG. It will be a new spin-out work of the Dragon Quest series. Camus and his sister Maya, who appeared in Dragon Quest XI after the Dragon Quest XI released in 2017, are the main characters of this work, and they are set in a different world Dragon Discon that they lost in childhood. 。 There are various areas, and a wide variety of monsters live. The main game play is to search for treasures. If you activate the ability called a treasure compass on the field, you can see the rough position of the treasure. Then, if you activate the

The main points of update for developers Dead by Daylight (June 2022)

Behavior Interactive teased some big changes during its 6th anniversary. Now the developer of the popular horror Dead by Daylight has presented these changes. Patches are usually used on Tuesdays, so expect PTB update to go on the air June 28, 2022 . Summary of updates for developers DBD-June 2022 Murdered Meta-Perki Meta-Perki surviving Strengthening the abilities of the killer bonuses of the surviving perk Updated DBD Development System Changes in the DBD player selection system Updates DBD gameplay Changes to Metapark DBD Changes Nemeta-Perkov DBD Summary of updates for developers DBD-June 2022 Updated DBD Development System Perki will no longer open through the bloody web of each killer or surviving, choosing a learning skill. Instead, increasing the character’s prestige for the first time instantly unlocks the versions of his unique abilities of the first level for all other killers/survivors. The prestige of the same character for the second and third time will reveal acc

Fall Guys error failed to enter - how to fix it

Fall Guys from the developer Mediatonic is a free cross-platform game. Unfortunately, the more players, the more problems, including the error, failed to enter the system. You may be interested in how to fix the error failed in Fall Guys. How to fix the Fall Guys error failed to enter How to check the status of server Fall Guys How to fix the Fall Guys error failed to enter There are various reasons why you can get a Fall Guys error failed to enter the system. Here are several ways that you can try to solve this problem. If any of these solutions does not work, it follows Contact mediatonic via Twitter or Fall Guys Maintain page to receive additional support. It is also possible that the problem is on their side, not yours. Turn off the game and restart it. Check the network connection. Check the status of the server Fall Guys. Reset the settings of the router. Check the integrity of the game files (Steam). Delete the game and reinstall it. How to check the status of

The bomb processing sim SHOCKWAVE -Land of the Blind is announced. Experience from infiltration to the site on the battlefield to searching and processing of bombs

Developer BNAYAT GAMES announced on June 16 the bomb processing simulation game SHOCKWAVE-Land of the Blind . The compatible platform is PC (Steam), which will be distributed in the first quarter of 2023. SHOCKWAVE-LAND OF THE BLIND is a first-person simulation game that allows you to experience the bomb processing mission. Set in a modern Syrian Aleppo, the former worker Jerome Kowalsky's success is drawn. KOWALSKY is participating in peace maintenance activities in Syria as an expert in bomb processing. The feature of this work is that it incorporates not only bomb processing work but also the process up to that. The stage has a layered structure, and there are multiple capture routes. There is no mini map or a display indicating the destination, and you have to search for bombs to be processed while gathering necessary information. KOWALSKY is also in a position to be targeted by his tasks from his tasks. He also needs to be careful about troubles with the general public, a

How to get a VOID Sheep Shoulder pet in Roblox

Every month, Amazon Prime participants have the opportunity to get a free Roblox exclusive Avatar for a limited time. During the June, July and August 2022 , qualified users can unlock the shoulder of the Abyss sheep. A brief overview of how to get a gift from Amazon, read below. Access to Prime Gaming End Access to Prime Gaming Before switching to the Roblox claims page, you first need to activate your code through Amazon Prime Gaming. Web site. Once on this website, follow the following actions: Scroll down until you see Roblox listed for intra-game content, free with Prime * headline Click on a purple Demand button-this will lead you to Prime Gaming page Roblox Scroll down and find unique objects section Find the pet Sheep shulder-blue Submit an application now * Banner must be displayed at the top of the window Click on the goods to generate a unique promotional code. Copy the code Go to Roblox Page of ransom Insert the code and click Bake * If everyt

Pokémon GO: 6 new enthusiast challenges for crossover

When does the crossover event run? The event around the collection card game ranges from June 16, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. local time until June 30, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. regional time. Crossover event with a collective card game: BisaSam collector's difficulty 1 Crossover event with a collective card game: GLUMANDA-collector challenge 1 Crossover event with a collective card game: Schiggy-collector difficulty 1 Crossover event with a collective card game: Exchange collector's difficulty Crossover event with a collective card game: Advanced collection agency's difficulty. Crossover event with a collective card game: Kanto-Sammler-challenge. these are the 6 new enthusiast difficulties How you can discover the monsters to solve the difficulties. What are these obstacles? In Pokémon Go, the crossover event is running in today, June 16, 2022. This is arranged because of the participation between Pokémon GO and the Pokémon collection card game. We have actually summed up which mons

STEAM trial version Steam Next Festival is held. Pickups of participating works such as Taoism SF fantasy and gol fracing

Valve launched the Steam Next Festival in June 2022 on June 14th. The event is until 2:00 on June 21 in Japan time. During the period, a large number of trial versions and developers are scheduled to be distributed, making it easier to touch the work scheduled to be released. In this Steam Next Festival, you can get Steam Next Fest Badge in the summer of 2022 by playing the trial version. The badge level up each time you play one trial version. At level 5 and level 10, new artwork will also be unlocked. In this article, I will pick up some of the titles participating in Steam Next Festival. ■ GOODBYE WORLD A Naratical Adventure in which a 2D puzzle action in the game played by a character plays in the work and a story of two suffering game developers. ・ Japanese subtitle support/scheduled to be released in 2022 ■ SHINOBI NON GRATA A dot picture 2D ninja action game that operates Kaina, a descendant of the sealing Shinobu, and fights with a group that plans to defeat with seven ni

Warhammer 40k: Darktide - Brutaler Koop shooter is displayed in a new gameplay

A brand-new trailer for Warhammer 40,000: Darkide, which, like so numerous other points , was permanently introduced during the Summer Game , supplies us with an additional insight into the co-op shooter from the makers of Warhammer: Vermintide. Fans of this game will undoubtedly find some similarities between both titles, rather of a dream universe, gamers can currently experience the enjoyable co-op gameplay at night sci-fi setting from Warhammer 40k. are these opponents or can they go? Harsh Geschnetzel in Warhammer 40k: Darkide In the trailer itself we see a gang of four genuine warriors who take off their opponents with different long-distance and close fight tools. In the game, you will most likely have an entire toolbox of different tools, from easy blades to sanctuary and assault rifles. In Darktide, gamers can also select among 4 playable courses, all of which will certainly provide a various gameplay experience. Generally, there must be an enjoyable course for every s

Announced alien annihilation shooter Aliens: Dark Descent. Competing by leading squads to zenomop

Focus Entertainment announced Aliens: Dark Descent on June 10. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. The release time is scheduled for 2023. Aliens: Dark Descent is a strategy shooter game that is developed from a viewpoint. The player led Colonial Marines in Moon Lethe and fights the zenomopper. Players will strategically and intuitively order with a button, infiltrate the open level, and destroy enemies with squad. In this work, the enemy will learn strategy according to the player's action. It seems that Permades is adopted in this work. Players will find a shortcut, create a safe zone, and set up motion trackers to build a way to survive. Squad can be customized by choosing five different classes. Squad soldiers can level up and specialize in their own abilities, weapons, armor, and parks. By developing the base, you can study technology and further strengthen your squad. On the other hand, it is necessary to calculate the risk and m

E3 2023: The reasonable ought to return next year

As Stanley Pierre-Louis, the Head Of State of Entertainment Software Association (basically: ESA), ensured Washington Message, the E3 will certainly commemorate a resurgence in the coming year. Both a fair and a digital occasion are prepared, as Pierre-Louis accomplished. After some back and forth, it was revealed at the end of March that the E3 will certainly not occur this year. According to reports, both the Corona situation and imaginative differences with respect to the concept of E3 2022 led. We anticipate coming back with an electronic as well as an individual occasion in 2023, said the ESA President in the interview. Several principles are to be combined With an appearance at occasions like the Summer Video game, Pierre-Louis included: I think the excellent feature of all these experiments is that companies try to locate out what jobs best to market the item as well as the content that they wish to show to customers. And also I think there is space for a physical progr

BSI alerts of telephone fraudsters

If they were part of the Federal Office for Information Technology (BSI), the numbers work as. But the callers have absolutely nothing to do with the authority. However: the BSI cautions of presently widespread spoofing telephone calls with its own phone number plus double-digit extension as well as advises quickly. During the so-called spoofing, scammers on the phone as reputable authorities, establishments or firms will certainly desire as well as emerge to make up for delicate or individual information of the called. To do this, use recognized telephone number, which are often only slightly changed. In the instance of the fake BSI calls, the numbers +49 228 9582 44 or 0228 9582 44 are made use of, as the BSI explains. You look confusingly comparable to the BSI elections. Care, rip-off calls: with worthless hotline ultimately quit the advertising and marketing terror Any person that has currently approved the phony BSI number ought to get in touch with the BSI service. It can

Video clip video game outings of the year 2023

2023 already promises to be an interesting year for video clip games after the post ponement of the previous year. To discover your way around, we have prepared a calendar for video game getaways for the year 2023. First quarter 2023 The video games anticipated for 2023 yet not yet dated . 4th quarter 202 3. Third trimester 2023 . Second trimester 2023 Release day to define. Games prepared for 2023 (S-Z). March. January. Gamings intended for 2023 (A-F). Gamings prepared for 2023 (G-R). Release day to specify. Launch day to specify. Release day to define. <Outings of the year 2022 . As for the games that ought to be produced this year however whose release date has not yet been communicated, they are qualified to their little section at the base of the write-up. Outings of the year 2024 > Release day to define. _ For the moment, absolutely nothing for the moment outside the chestnut trees. _. | The day before - March 1, 2023-computer PS5 Xbox Series _. | Local Wickednes

In the shooter Warhammer 40k: Darktide there will be a place for a rich plot

Fatshark studio working on the cooperative shooter Warhammer 40k: Darktide, shared with readers of the EDGE magazine entertaining information about the development of the game. So, it became known that the same narrative system will be used in Darktide as in Vermintide, which, in turn, came from the cooperative zombie-player LEFT 4 DeAD. _ “We are making a joint online game, so there are no traditional and highlighted places where you can tell the story,”said the game director Anders de Gir. If you are not in the know, the chatter of the characters largely determines the plot of the game during each mission. The conversation specifies the background of one character and his views on the world, develops relations with another and, on the whole, reflects what is happening according to the plot. For the game, more than 75 00 dialogue period has already been written (this is more than in Skyrim).