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How a game of MW2 changed the life of Karim Greyscaled and became a key man of Ibai

One of the topics that we wanted to deal with Karim was the performance of brands when making promotions in direct. And while it is Carmen who is in charge, Gray also deals with this section on numerous occasions; mainly in translation and adaptation of promotions to the Twitch language (more specifically the chat) based on the tools that the platform offers; Either by means of rapporteur, rotary or advertisements. "

"From what I know, it is a balance between what they give you and what you can offer them as a content creator , so that you do not lack anything and that the production of an event is not a Disbursement that sends you to ruin. There are needs and, depending on the type of event, the sponsors are sought that allow you to have the material and resources needed to carry it out, "says Karim.

If we talk about how brands are adapted, Karim told us that it depends on one or another, a much more direct or more loose action is performed: "There are some that come to the point of asking you to say a certain phrase with a product in hand And others tell you that the product is on stage you can have a good time; it's a bit one of lime and another of sand (...) or Ibai plays and has a good time or it narrates it without participating; We can do two things at a time. "

But if there is something that succeeds is to let loose rein to Ibai: " If you let him be him, he will do it better because he knows how to be better than any type of CEO or Marketing Manager That you are. IBAI Know Being Ibai and nobody knows how to do it better than him. The more free can, the better the result ".

????LIVE Chat with Claudia Doumit aka Farah from CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE

Work with IBAI and the importance of Carmen

Many wonder how many people there are behind such a big figure, and the numbers are the less amazing: "We are so many small pieces of a great chain that is very difficult to post it (...) but so Eye is more than 20 people if you have all : editors, filmmakers, production (Carmen and your team), moderators, the people of the house... In turn, there is always a variable factor, some events need additional reinforcement; editors with certain specialties, people dedicated to ensuring logistics, etc. "

In addition, the feedback is something very present in Ibai and Karim is one of the biggest counselors that the streamer has to improve its content: " Virtually every day we make a small set-up to tell our opinion , Since it values them a lot. He knows that I am very critical and always asks me how such a thing has gone, if we have to improve something, if we need some change, the reaction of the people, among other things "

When we talk about Carmen , Karim does not stop repeating the enormous work he does in Ibai's projects: " It is essential , because it is With the ideas that are happening to him. For example, he is live and sees a video of an American about the imposter, and at two weeks he appears saying that a week they will do one; He transmits an idea and Carmen He gives shape **. She takes care of the production of the event, to find the place to do it, to move what she has to move to be able to carry it out, as well as all the subsequent realization so that all this happens. "

Visibility and pressure to work with someone so big

While Basque is the present face, there are also many who are behind the cameras and that are just as important as it. In this aspect, Karim knows enough that I was going to give credit and visibility to whoever deserves it: "He always attributes the credit to whom he deserves it; although it is true that it also depends on the use of each one to his platforms (..) But in any case he always puts us ahead and does not hide nothing. The other day was my birthday and put me the happy birthday song live, something I did not expect me. far ahead ".

But not everything is a rose path, the pressure you can get to have when working with someone so big can be a real nightmare: " Working with IBAI is at the same time a privilege and a great responsibility because you have to be at your height I self-improving a lot of pressure so that everything goes well, I can not give less than 100%. "

Mental health and how to deal with crisis moments

Finally, we wanted to know the mental stability of Karim after two years practically on top and how difficult it can become sometimes going out for ahead: "There are moments that are a bit harder because you are very exposed and it is something that you are not used to. It is an inevitable consequence of this; and it is not that I am precisely a celebrity, but there are many people who pay their frustration with you through Hiriente comments of all kinds (...) for these things It is true that my mental health has gone a little to the garete in according to what stages, but every time I manage it better ".

moments of crisis always appear on all human teams, even in the IBAI environment: "When the lol team of koi was in crisis with a very long running streak, the team had a Series of physical and mental workers to raise their heads to the boys when they lost. When someone as SLT receives so much public hate in the networks, it is normal that it can come down. I went in that moment it did not make so many direct The project; He knew when the boys were wrong and it was with them, hugged them, he encouraged them to move forward , to do activities together and even take free days. "

While there are times when you can pass bad, success and plaws are always a great help and this 2022 pretend to be like this: "The main focus is going to be the same as that of 2021 but even better; direct where the People can happen to him big, forget about the day-to-day problems and just disconnect for a while to have fun. More daring, larger events and with better quality to continue creating history. One of the biggest inheritances IBAI It is the level of content level that has been on the platform, and we do not intend to stop . "


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