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[TIG Special Planning] From P2E Play and Unto ? NFT games, where goes

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Also, I P2E article? Now COOPER PAE (Play and Language)?

Every day P2E (Play to Earn) there are game-related articles is pouring like a waterfall. No different industry atmosphere. The RNA given time in four games released when the NFT questions always emerge. Litigation news of some companies and government to serve the domestic game P2E also leads every day.

As also abroad. 'Ubisoft' famous foreign companies such as Square Enix, long since declared the NFT introduced its game.

The players also reaction to be significant. For example, Ubisoft NFT 'Quartz' had to face the 'hate' baptism and criticized comments of many fans in the first public video. Ukraine scheduled for release in 2022 FPS may also have declared the NFT introduced faced with fierce opposition to the decision to cancel the Only a day or two.

And apparently conscious regulation of the opposition and the government of the NFT players have emerged in recent years, a new word in the industry. So-called PAE (Play and Earn — play and unloading). Hagetdaneun NFT will pay goods to the concept of 'compensation' for attracting the user to the 'games castle itself, long a user plays a game.

What is the reason that this concept appeared? I know how important the approximate flow instantly increase your understanding. Lets stepping out from the beginning of the NFT game.

TIG NFT Special

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Start trading games

Game introduction of NFT seem to originate from 'trading'. First appeared in 2014, is the first pixel of the octagon-shaped figure Quantum is considered one of the NFT and, while recognizing the expanding of the NFT began to be introduced on all kinds of factors and transactions. Pictures of even the Sad Frog 'famous' Pepe' as also traded with the name Claire Pepe.

The June 17 has been made a crypto-punk. Solarium with Ethernet-based NFT, a concept that deals it formed 10,000 unique avatars.

October 17 has been released a Vancouver, Canada-based start-up solution provider Leeum's first game NFT IEOM in Zen (Axiom Zen). If you are trading a crypto-punk avatar of a limited number it is trading in a 'cat'. Out to collect the cat bred to create a new cat, the way to deal with this coin. is earnest attracted public attention to the NFT is under evaluation.

Most of the NFT game has been trading these services in the context of the genre to follow the majority is registered in '' rank. P2E the game this way. NFT getting items or goods through the simple act of commitment, a way to earn greater profits to strengthen or trade them. The TPS (transactions per second speed) Ethernet Leeum not fast enough to hardly 15 to 20 grafted to other game genres' viscosity would have affected.

If the game can be called the most famous of the As tone RPG, a game in which a virtual War of animals called ENSI 'collection. To such as playing the game must purchase a two-year-old Marie ENSI. There also contains the ability to sell new characters through breeding like, to achieve the quest to supply other goods can be arbitrage.

P2E game looked limit

However, there are limits P2E game showed. These games go on my blockchain containing an economic system is not meant to be an influx of the intended user P2E accelerate, there is a high probability that in-game economies fall into chaos.

Especially if the purpose of the one-seat majority, will sell the coin to acquire, there is a problem in the game sustainability. According to the Korea Creative Content Agency '2021 Global Game Industry Trends published, when a user aims the NFT goods soaring inflation problem arises that the monetary value of goods fell by increasing the money supply.

Not to NFT goods circulating inside the game go around, all because they are used for cash exchange. So we have no choice but to drop the coin value decreases exchange earnings. There are people who buy, sell, only because the men. If users exchange income decreased for the purpose of profit leave the game. Does this 'will make' goal, it is no wonder.

If this pattern is repeated one NFT game disappears emerged, there is a high possibility of yet other NFT game will be a vicious cycle repeated injuries had disappeared. MS Games vice president Phil Spencer It is a story called exploitative for P2E game was derived from this trend.

In fact, similar cases have occurred in the first three bars P2E game All goods will be one I use for monetization, caused inflation to the real value of the goods plunged in one game levels of 10 minutes in about five months.

With a little more emphatic, saying P2E is a kind of Ponzi scheme. Chinese gaming platform 'X.D. Huang, CEO of Network Ruff (Dash Huang) 12 via Twitter January 16, said the block-based chain recently attracted attention P2E game is close to the Ponzi scheme. Ponzi is without generating actual profits, he says that the multi-level collection of investments of investors expect the dividend payments to existing investors.

Huang Yoke is and when you play P2E game to judge of where comes out the money that you want to own making and if not that money is created in the game itself, if created only to new users who want to be a rich man, which essentially gambling is he says.

Here too there is a similar case. Recently the emerged as a hot potato.

I will pay 'model its own currency to game activity compensation, which could be cash receipts through the process of swaps and other encryption basket case' Clay '(PLAY) traded in blossom. But the news came out that game hagetdaneun cancel the classification determines the price of two euros gambling model went up by 552 won when a user while leaving large numbers dropped to 29 days 8 won.

Play-to-play on language and language?

This is an attempt by some changes are captured in the existing flow. Play and a concept of a frozen (Play and Earn, PAE).

First, the word itself that P2E can be variously interpreted as a Korean. In 2021, the global games' industry trends, explained in a way that you can depend on that bonanza handling on what part of the private use of the infinitive to. That it will make money as a result (to) of the play (Play) refers mainly used. While the game means to earn money. Many game saga that tells the P2E emphasize the meaning.

However, to interpret the 'purpose' varies greatly nuances. Most gamers have a negative stance on NFT also understand the P2E in that sense. To make money (to earn) that will play the game. Especially advocating the 'P2E' one, as mentioned above, first three games are the current generation of games and this is the majority of the game with a simple, system-oriented trading with a difference. Drag the user to the game Castle 'own' Although difficult moat dago story.

PAE are slightly different bins here. According to the side using the term, existing NFT game was a way to get the game the concept based on the chain block. So a simple majority was trading game. PAE game gets the concept of chain blocks on the game. The NFT will be included in the existing gaming systems.

So you can see that the first concept to the infinitive with some variations. Grab a seat in the game Castle itself, it means it will provide a NFT reward for users who play games for a long time.

The RPG also can be seen that a portion of Remade and services within that concept. Even in 2021 when the original first release <4 Mir> Nansen the catchphrase was K- fantasy. Rather than from the beginning to promote P2E game, the strong aspects of succession of smaller IP.

It flared in August 2021 launched a global server introduces a blockchain is emerging as a leader in the P2E game. In addition, are built up mix chain structure connecting a plurality of bridge chains in order to graft the chain block, the processing time required between the networks and MMORPG system. Herschel — Draco — The above mix is ​​the way with three structures.

'Quartz' Ubisoft, you can see that in this concept. Quartz has been released in 19 years Iran dwaetneunde experimental introduction to the game, you play the game over a period of time was a way to obtain a unique skin for the NFT is applied. NFT it was introduced in the already existing games. Trading also takes place in a recognized market outside the game.

Is Possible Is more than a simple realize your dream?

Today, many developers have declared the NFT introduced and, to tell the PAE emphasizes that gamers first.

But really wonder the way you want PAE truly gamer? If the matter can be cashed in in-game goods, it emphasized the concept of PAE inevitably there are still a goal for P2E users.

Of course, there are likely to be implemented Games Saga ideal environment initiative as is. Blocking a user for the purpose of P2E through a sophisticated system, NFT will have the goods brought by the pure concept of 'compensation'.

Even so, even at the moment, when the story associated with the 'cash', the gamer plays the sense of 'pleasure' that the gamer plays and feels a change, and it is incompatible. All gamers are really pure compensation and focus on the goals of 'cash', and focusing on the goals of 'cash', and the user can be blocked by the gaming economy. It is especially true for RPG that is important to enhance the equipment and strengthen the equipment. In addition, I announced the NOT in the game, I was announced, but I have a gamer with negative emotions for NFT 'itself', as in the case of , which bought the user's dominant repulsion, and the regulatory The wall remains. (continue)


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