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The $ 40 $ 40 Nano switch controller proves that bigger is not always better

Switching controllers are excellent, but if they were much smaller? Genre, half the size. It may seem like a terrible idea at first, but listen to me well! Power sent me a NATO Enhanced wireless controller for the switch. Having made no preliminary research, I was shocked to discover that it was only a tiny thing. A strand of controller, likely to blow with a powerful breeze. However, there are some benefits to a smaller construction.

For example, if you have grown up playing portable games, all these size problems do not concern you. My clumsy adult hands have had no problem adapting to this new reality of the size of a bite. Yes, my previous experiences have prepared me for this challenge. But even without this useful personal experience, the NATO is easy for most players. While the actual controller is much smaller, the arrangement of the buttons is more or less identical to its normal peer. In fact, the only significant difference is that the start and select buttons are more distant from each other on the NATO. Beyond that, everything seems immediately familiar once you have it in your hands.

Nintendo Switch Power A Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller Grey/Neon Full Unboxing

Unless you are a Great D-Pad user, in which case problems may occur. The pad works, do not worry! You just have to really think about it when you press a given direction down. No fanciful half-measures or occasional entrances here. Other than that, it's the same? Your button entries are all reliable, and the unit itself is nice and heavy. Analog sticks are also strong, which never hurts. It is honestly remarkable how fast you forget that you use a switch controller of the size of a pint. That said, you have to keep in mind some other things.

Since this is a third platform, the NATO does not cost as much a common controller. Part of these savings comes from missing features. There is no amino functionality and no roar. But, you have additional motion and programmable buttons, which is not to disdain. In addition, it is a wireless joystick, which is not the case for all third-party devices. Sometimes a lower price is accompanied by a high cost of convenience, but not this time!

If you shop for someone else than you (for a holiday reason), the NATO could make a great gift. It is quite small to hold in a stock, on the one hand. In addition, if you or a loved one are obsessed with fighting games, these additional entries would be great! I suppose. Perhaps you need a convenient place to stick the input mechanism, or even a set of triggers for shooters or FPS games. Or maybe you just need some extra buttons to accidentally hit, ruining a difficult race. The possibilities are limitless!

So this is it. Rather than a lower version, the NATO is a compact alternative to your usual controller needs. Whether it's essential shopping or essential retail therapy, it may be wise to keep Power's smallest Switch controller on your shopping lists. If you want more ventilation from Power equipment, I wrote a song or two. Maybe bigger is not always better, after all.


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