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Let's try large farming in the virtual world. Farmers see the ideal Farming Simulator 22 of Farming Simulator 22 [Special Feature]

Melissa Ellen Gilbert (born May 8, 1964, in Los Angeles) is an American starlet. It was understood with its function as Laura In galls in the collection our tiny farm.

It is the end of November. Rate was a family farmer, right? Farming Simulator 22 Do you not do it, how is it? And this article started with a sudden lady swing from the editorial department.

In fact, I am a US farmer who owns rice fields and fields of 4 anti-styles (about 0.4 hectares), so I thought it was easy to start. But that was a mistake.... Originally, Why are you doing agriculture after being born for a long time, but why are the game or farming. However, this time, STEAM version keys may be provided to Banzai NAMC Entertainment, which is responsible for the work of the same work in Japan, and the same series that is well known overseas is used as a US farm (? I will try to challenge immediately.

Huh! ? Isn't it rice? The reality of farm work that can be thrust by the simulator

First, it is a prerequisite part, but this work, which is a new 2022 edition of popular series that has been developed since 2008, is a new player who is a new player in the farm as a manager. Development companies are Switzerland Giants Software, and in the EU area, there is also a probe that competes for crop harvest speed as E-SPORTS.

It is such a book work, but the game URI can have a realistic experience of large farming. In Japan, you can taste large-scale farm work as being held in Hokkaido.

As mentioned earlier, I am also an agricultural knowledge, and it goes without saying that there is no game media writer, so it's not a lot of difficulty level selection. Then it will be released into the city without any explanation. Buy land and head to local while watching the operation help on the screen, but it is also inconvenient that there are no feet, so buy a pickup wagon at the shop where you can walk and find it.

When I arrived in the purchased land, Oatsarley was already planted in harvest. I thought it was an open space, but I tried to harvest it because it is a harvest condition of the angle. If rice and some vegetables are everyday vegetables (every day), I know (every day), Suddenly, the harvesting method is not understood, so the harvesting method is also ready, so let's look at the farming machine without a moment..

...... Yeah, I don't understand fresh. The second is Declared defeated.

I didn't know what to buy, but I just bought a fertilizer or equipment, etc., and I was doing an operation practice at the inside of the shop in the shop, but it would be a tutorial to repeat the tutorial.

After selling pride in two bunches three sentences, it is difficulty with difficulty Easy. In Easy, there was a one-way tutorial, such as recovery and sale of crops as imagined, but it is literally simple flow to be carefully lectures. After that, the Western game strong style is expressed here, where you will try to see it while looking at the character tutorials in the menu. If this happens, I decided to teach the actual worker in the life of life, However, is, though.

In this work, the owner of other lands is looking for part-time jobs in the form of contracts, and you can earn money by substituting various tasks. In this alternative task, the equipment you actually need is a deduction from rewards, but you can borrow it with lease, and how to operate equipment.

If you are a minimum mechanism, you will occasionally occur while working with reality. Let's check for details of business.

For example, the upgrading work of the field is essential in reality. When you grow crops, the surface part loses nutrition, the ground is hardened, and it will be useful as a soil. Therefore, after harvest, mix the soil in the ground to soften the recovery and soil of nutrition. If it is a small size, you will make a ridge using a bow or a palm (Sukiyaki), but if it becomes a large-scale farming, it will dig up at a brace with a large ridge called Plow.

If you do in reality, this work is about half a day in a small field of about 3 tatami (about 0.0005 hectares). Even in this work with a simulator, even if there is a large-scale farming for near-sized farmers, it is required to take a few hours in real time for two hectare fields, and The author who was here to spend a reality again.

I have heard that my father had been working for a week for a week, but the equipment has evolved, but the agriculture works again.

After confusing, we will carry out the collection of stones coming out of the ground, and spraying lime and fertilizer. If it is a reality, the collection of stones is very tough, and if it is too big, it can be taken over to the vendor, but it is easy to collect it at once in a machine and sell to a vendor to a vendor It is dependent on it.

It is possible to change the nature of the soil according to planted crops, such as the newly wondering field and the crop when the crop is ill.

If you spray fertilizer, the preparation of the field as a nursery is almost complete. In order to increase the yield, the soil is further formed by forming the ground by roller from here, and the soil is further formed in accordance with the crop to be planted, but even if it is a lease, the machine price is not fooled, and the machine is not fooled. Prize.

In the plantation, the tractor is installed and planting the species, but the species is easily buying at the shop easily, so the work itself is very easy compared to others. However, this is also a few hours of work, so let's go ahead.

The type of crop is different, but even in the weather, even in the actual rice planting work, it started from 6 o'clock in the morning, and the end was normal, so it was normal, so I remembered summer while planting.


Harvesting mower crops at once using harvesting machines called combine. You can decide to decide and collect the container with the pipe from the side.

In the scene where you need parallel work such as harvest, you can hire the work itself and automate the NPC. It is human who does not want to hire too much because it takes money in seconds, but if the number of fields increases, it will not catch up without automation. It is a place where agriculture is takes time and time, so it can not be helped.

And this is the result. It is a fair deficit if you think about maintenance costs. I have no choice but to think that it is an investment, It is said that large-scale farm management is not going to be sudden. Vinyl house cultivation and livestock production are possible because it is possible to simply operate only the fields simply.

This area is very difficult to do in Japan, with individuals, and exclusive. Moreover, the problem of water around the water and the seller are not a full-open posture for new farmers like this work, so it is a large barrier to enter yourself.

In addition, it is decided to grow at crops, and will continue to plant the same crop and will cause a series of interference disorders. So it is basic to continue to plant various crops that are divided into division and called circulation in order.

Farming Simulator 22 - Let's Play!!  Episode 1:  Getting Started!!! For the time being, I felt that the series of flow was not fake, The title Farming Simulator was not false. One by one work is actually time-consuming, and the experience of farming work is really reproduced, and it is time to play. I am mainly a rice farm, but it was also possible to cultivate vegetables, and I realized that there was a large scale (such as potato etc.) that was planted.

Tension goes up to the actual farming machine

Farm equipment that appears in this work is the main material of the manufacturer actually present. You can also view images that actually operate if you search by agricultural machine name. Sauna Hi mime of Early Sent is an interesting place that the actual agricultural work will also be helpful even if the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries became manual.

Especially in Europe and the United States are Mecca for large-scale farming, and I can understand that farming equipment that I do not know how to use is also possible to understand if you look at YouTube.

I'm doing farmers since I was born, why I'm a game or agriculture or Ayakanenen. However, at the end of the real work, in the game world, a high-pressure cleaning machine has not been used in reality with a high pressure washing machine (it will not be able to use the device without dropping soil after the actual farming work) If you notice it, you have been digested nearly over 100 hours....

Realized US farmers have feltable to be a large scale farm manager. Honestly I want to go back to the game world now to cultivate the newly purchased field. If you are admired by agricultural work and slow life, you should try to play once. It is hard to get in reality, and you can get here.

Title: Farming Simulator 22 Compatible model: PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) / Mac / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox X | S Play model in articles: PC (steam) Release Date: November 22nd (STEAM version) Author play time for article writing: 101 hours Price: Price- 6 6 6 6 6 ¥6 6578


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