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GTA V is, eight years after its launch, the most viewed video game of 2021

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (in Polish: Będzin 3: Wiki On) is an action-RPG computer game created by the Polish workshop CD Project Red. Launched May 19, 2015, on PC (Windows and also Linux), PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One, then on Nintendo Change on October 15, 2019, it complies with Narrative at The Witcher (2007) and also The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (2011). It is hence the third video game to take place in the literary globe of the Witcher, produced by the Polish writer Andrew Minkowski, yet likewise the last to provide the adventures of Gerald de Riv. The game, located in a globe Dark Fantasy, follows the traces of the river greater, a hunter of monsters whose adoptive lady, Cirri, is endangered by the wild hunt. Recommendations are made to the content of the publications created by Minkowski, however the story is unpublished as well as proposes a conclusion to the trilogy started with the very first game, released 8 years previously. Unlike the other two opera of the collection, The Witcher 3 happens in an open world by using a story in the third individual, and also focuses on the use of Gerald battle as well as investigator talents to execute agreements and also discover the setting. Whatever happens as part of a multi-branch main quest, which can be settled according to 36 various functions, as well as a multitude of additional goals. Established in three and fifty percent years with means near to the Western super productions used to developing AAA video clip games, The Witcher 3 concentrates Number of ambitions: its designers intend to endorse the legitimacy of the European workshops to establish quality RPGs, as well as the game S An increasing number of the approved intrigue of the literary saga of the Kitchener, eminently valued in Poland.

Marketed at more than 10 million duplicates much less than a year after its release, the game gets a unanimous public and vital welcome and also an enormous commercial success. It is awarded a document of game of the year distinctions and also becomes of the point of view of all the new referral of the genre, continuously used as a comparison tool by the gamers as well as the professionals of the videodisc sector to examine the Top quality of the new Action-RPG video games. Two extensions are contributed to it in October 2015 as well as Might 2016, Hearts of Rock as well as Blood and White wine, and also a fully devoted computer game at the mini-game of cards existing in the plot, Went: The Witcher Card Game, is released at Summer 2017.

Sometimes, nor do we believe it. What is happening with Grand Theft Auto V is something unique in the industry, and an exceptional case in the history of video games. The title of Rock star was launched in 2013, and today, the sales lists are still leading and beating all the records and for having.

At the fifth numbered delivery of the legendary franchise is not enough for it, but now we have known that GTA V is the game most seen on Twitch during the year 2021. In this period, it has been placed as the first option In Gaming, only behind the category chatting at a general level, one that content creators use when they are not capturing any title.

Evolution Of Grand Theft Auto | 1989-2021 Behind come League of Legends and Fortnite are data collected by Stream Elements in its annual review, setting as a criterion number of hours views for each different game. The list leaves League of Legends in second place, with well-known names as Fortnite, Valorant and Minecraft behind the Mob. You have to go to number 18 to find the first new game this year in the ranking: New World.

It is also commented that Facebook Gaming has grown 47% compared to 2020, although Twitch (with a 45% growth ) is still far ahead in the battle. In addition, as a curiosity, the Streamer Español Autoplay has also been cast among the first five most viewed creators throughout the year on the purple platform, if we pay attention to the number of hours.

A good part of GTA V success You have to attribute it to GTA Online, which is still updating periodically receiving new content of all kinds. The last added is The Contract, which has the appearance of international artists of Dr. Dre's size, and even with Rosalie collaborating in a new radio station.


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