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Switch version Chaos; Head NOAH / CHAOS; Child Double Pack Released on February 24! That sexy patch also comes with the first production

Mages. The delusional science adventure for Nintendo switches Chaos; Head Noah / Chaos; Child Double Pack was announced on February 24, 2012 (Thursday).

This product is Chaos; Head of Science Adventure Series by Shimizu Chairman, Chaos; Head, and it was released as a consumer game in February 2009, Chaos; Head Noah, December 2014 Included Chaos; Child released as a complete new production.

Both works are also a story that axes the New Generation Madness that has occurred in Shibuya, and transplants to the Nintendo Switch will be the first time.

The package illustration has a Chaos series main character design, and Koizumi's drawn drafting (※ pattern will be published later). For the release date determination, the official site and the latest PV are also released.

◆ Delusions are more clear! ? Chaos; Head NOAH first HD remastered! In addition, all HD remastered versions of all OP Movies are also included!

Chaos; Head NOAH, which is recorded in this work, is the first HD remaster title of CHAOS; HEAD series, and more power up from the ported version released in the past! Completely recorded at 1080P, MAGES. Engine ( ) also comfortable play. In addition, HD remastered versions of all open movies produced by new music at the time of the implantation release are also included. Enjoy that madness with that delusion with a more crisp image.

Mages. Engine: Available for the speed of lightness and skipping, etc. MAGES.

◆ Chaos; Head NOAH / Chaos; Child Double Pack started accepting! The first production benefit is attached to that sexy patch ! Benefits by store!

For the first production, the delusion of Tanya explodes! ? Chaos; HEAD heroine is a Much off, and the fans are familiar with Sexy patch of! The legendary benefits came back with the PC version Chaos; Head, PlayStation Vita version Chaos; Head Dual.

※ The sexy patch supplied with the initial manufacturing is applicable only to Chaos; Head NOAH. Please note that Chaos; Child does not apply.

In addition, in the bonus by stores, Chaos; Child Realize the pattern of the store's benefit to new items at the time of 2014. Shop Limited Edition comes with tapestry using New Drawing Package Illustration. Don't miss a limited good that can only be obtained here!

For details, please check the official site and each store product page.

■ Animate: CHAOS (CHILD), Microfiber towel

■ Yamashina (Chaos; Child), A4 Clear File

■ Ami: Ohio Hausa (Chaos; Child), Pass Case

■ Akita ☆ Soap dot com: Tailback-ridge (Chaos; Child), B2 Tapestry

■ Wonder goo: Aura Genocide (Chaos; Child), A3 Tapestry

■ Shop Limited Edition: Safari Mizuki New Drawing Visual, B1 Tapestry

Delusional Science Adventure for Nintendo Switch CHAOS; HEAD NOAH / CHAOS; Child Double Pack will be released on February 24, 2012 (Thu). Price is usually 7,480 yen (tax included), downloaded version 6,380 yen (tax included), download version single item (tax included).


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