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I played the Barta of Babylon s Fall and for now it is very disappointing: What are you doing, Platinum Games?

I am a groupie of the games they do in Platinum Games. They flip as very little manage to do it, so when Babylon s Fall was presented, he called my attention. Although I began to worry after years of absence of information about the game — although, well, that also happened with Bayonet ta 3 -. My concern grew completely when in the past E3 they said it would be a game as a service, the purest Destiny style. But with the body s brand body combat.

Something was on the nose that was going to be a real Blue and, the design changes in the environments and the impressions of the people in previous accesses, were not very flattering. Now, I have had access to the beta closed to confirm all my fears. And, after playing a few games, the best thing that Platinum Games could do will be take out the white flag, surrender and invest their resources on something else.

The New Platinum Games Hotness - Babylon's Fall Beta Phase 3

Well, my frustration has talked about. But Babylon s Fall has not contributed to me anything, and the Japanese study has a lot of work to do if he wants to get somewhat drinking from here, this Luck of MMO that combines MAL Destiny and Monster Hunter. Perhaps, the structure of his beta, does not help too much. They are planted in the middle of a kind of crucible, without knowing very well why, nor what reasons are there for us to get there with other players. We have to get combat us against a kind of creatures, accompanied by others like us, and without power if I want to buy some team in the first mission.

So, after turning around that kind of nexus, I got into a game with other players, with the most basic weapons in the universe and without knowing how the controls work. I could also use a kind of arcane magic, and there I stopped asking me the why and tried to enjoy. We have something similar to four different attacks, all assigned to a button, with lightweight and more powerful attacks. Later, meeting missions, we will unlock other weapons as arches or more shields to provide some versatility to this authentic chaos.

As I say, he stayed in another attempt. Because what comes, beyond problems that can be typical of a beta, is terrifying. The scenarios in the missions that I have played are pails like them alone. Narrows and overwhelming, what is compared, for evil, with the peculiar visual style of the game, which provides a lot of noise to the image and makes it Everything is blurred. It is even unpleasant, especially when, at almost all times, countless things occur, due to the fighting and the effects of enemies and teammates actions.

This Watercolor Style can be nice in a picture, or a great distinctive idea for a slow and paused action game, like gray. But it is basically, as if the color palette falls on the tapestry Let us distinguish the figures due to its exaggerated blurred. With the pretty that are usually the arts of Platinum Games, I do not know what they have gone through my head to raise something like that.

Returning to the fighting, which should be the most positive point of the game due to how well the study is given this type of Menes, not there the game is able to please. It has a clear MMO spirit and that makes us have to deal with enemies who are able to absorb enough damage; Even the weakest. So, there we will be, crushing buttons without knowing very well why, and dodge awkwardly when we see that we are attacked — If we are able to glimpse something among all this.

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In the end, everything ends with a confrontation against a final boss to which we must grind sticks between all, with everything learned until that moment. And, if we defeat him, we will make money and booty to negotiate and go more and more prepared at the missions. Progress that we can not say too much at the moment, since, as we say, there is no conductive thread in this closed beta.


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