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5 Settings for Battlefield 2042, which improve your performance and gameplay

If you 2042 already plays Battlefield for early access, you have the most players a little ahead. Until the game on November 19, is accessible to all, ye have been a week long can gain experience. These five settings help you to go to be even better in the past than other Early Access players.

Which settings are it? The option menu in Battlefield 2042 is very extensive. Many of these settings often make, although only a small difference in your gameplay, but achieve together a big impact.

This guide tells you how to optimize their performance of your Battlefield 2,042nd We also explain how you can improve with small adjustments in the options your entire gameplay. This includes your aim, as well see their other players and listening can be and how liquid your character controls.

We have put together 5 Settings you with tips on how you can adjust the settings to the competition just for Early Access to be one step ahead. If we do not mention a setting, we recommend the default settings.

1. Graphics settings

1.1 Graphics preferences (PC)

What are these attitudes? Battlefield 2042 is technically the release for many players a disaster. Regardless of whether your PC joins the system requirements. To counteract as much as possible, we recommend reducing all graphics settings to the minimum. It looks may not be as bombastic, but runs smoothly. For the multiplayer is extremely important because the FPS can decide whether you or your opponents die.

The only exception: Grid quality. That should set her as much as possible because it helps you to recognize opponents better at a distance. This is particularly important in the gigantic maps in the game.


graphics quality: Personalized texture quality: Low texture filtering: Low light quality: Low effect quality: Low post-processing quality: Low Grid quality: Ultra Terrain Quality: Low scrub Quality: Low antialiasing post-processing: TAA Low view environment: From

1.2. Advanced Video Controls (PC)

What are these attitudes? These settings can deliver smoother gameplay, but not available to every player. If you have a newer graphics card from Nvidia, you are DSS and reflective low latency available, we recommend. If not, you have to resort to the Dynamic resolution scale.

If your picture but look through those settings too mushy, you should customize them. Depending on your own tolerance level you can also turn off.


Dynamic Resolution Scale: A (if no DSS) Dynamic resolution scale target frame rate: 100% DSS: Ultra-performance or performance (if available) ray tracing Ambient Occlusion: From NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: Enabled (if available) Future Frame Rendering : Off number of high-fidelity Objects: Low

2 . Cinematic effects

What are these attitudes? There are a few artistic effects in the options menu, which should make the game look cinematic. This includes effects like motion blur, camera shake or film grain.


Motion blur: 0 Chromatic aberration: From Film Grain: From vignette From lens refraction: From camera shake: 50% (in the General or HUD General menu)

Since we re playing a multiplayer game with Battlefield and see a movie, these effects should be immediately deactivated — as in every game. Also, since Battlefield 2042 has no campaign counts only your performance, not the graphic realism. These effects complicate you frequently run. Therefore, we want to enable under any circumstances.

3 . Field of view

What is the setting? This setting enlarges her the visible range. These settings are available on next-gen consoles and PC.

It is generally underestimated how important your field of view settings (English: Field of View or FOR) are for your Aim. Therefore, you should here find a good setting.

The following applies:

The smaller the field of view, the faster acting their own rotational speed. For smaller fields of view the movements of their own game character work more slowly. The smaller the field of view appear to the greater opponents on the screen. This can assist in Aimed. With smaller fields of view, it is more likely that you overlook opponents.

The larger the field, the slower acting their own rotational speed.

With large fields of view and the game looks noticeably faster. In particular, the perceived speed of play of their own figure is much higher. The larger the field of view, the smaller opponents on the screen, which can make the objectives Larger fields of view to give you a better overview of the game, which can be particularly important in close combat.

3.1. Field on foot and in vehicles


Field of view: 58, 70, 78 or 89 vehicle third-person field of view: 50, 58, 70 or 78

Why are these numbers unlike Call of Duty: War zone Battlefield 2042 measures the field of view in the vertical, characterized uses figures very different from, say, Call of Duty or Overwatch. These games measure the horizontal field of view.

The recommended values ​​correspond rounded following field values, when measured horizontally:

58 in Battlefield ≈ 90 in Call of Duty 70 in Battlefield ≈ 103 Call of Duty 78 in Battlefield ≈ 110 Call of Duty 89 in Battlefield ≈ 120 Call of Duty

Why are the values ​​for vehicles different? The values ​​apply to third-person and therefore have a different range of values ​​that are available. 89, for example, is not available. Selects same value here as in the normal field of view when it becomes available.

Fans of Fortnite should also try the value 50th Corresponding namely about the field of view of Epic s third-person shooter.

3.2. ADS-field


ADS Field of view: Off (console), An (PC)

We recommend turning off this setting on consoles, and activate on the PC. If this setting is disabled, the zoom effect is greater — that just helps if you gamble on the couch.

As PC gamers in general but sit closer to the screen as a console gamer, they do not need the large zoom effect. Larger zoom make the targets more difficult because of the rebound effect is greater. The adaptation of the hand movements between the zoom levels are just more difficult with a mouse.

3.3. Mini map


Mini card of sight — On foot: 80-200

Higher Mini card of sight helps every soldier, but especially snipers to be rare surprised by opponents.

4 . Sound Settings

What are the settings? Battlefield 2042 offers a small selection of audio settings, but they are very important for your gameplay.


Music Volume: 0% or 25% Audio mix: 3D Headphone

In the audio options of Battlefield 2042, it is important runterzufahren the volume of the music. Otherwise, the music important audio information could cover.

We recommend as audio mix 3D headphones, because it works with all stereo headphones and makes much more clear direction from which the sounds come.

5 . Control (PC and console)

What are these attitudes? These options help you to better target your enemies and move you liquid through the map.


Uniform targets (Soldier: In): A coefficient: 0, 133 or 178

Depending on the weapon preference and play a lower or higher setting your gameplay can greatly improve here. Try here much, while a setting is best for at least an entire game.

0 This is the perceived difference between the sensitivities lowest in small Aim movements. This helps especially in tracking Aim, therefore, with fully automated continuous fire. Disadvantages, but that suddenly appear with this setting against enemies on the screen. 133 This setting is a good all-round value and is suitable for tracking and automatic semi-fast response for shots with weapons and snipers. 178 This setting is very popular among snipers and who want to quickly responding to shoot distant heads other. But for Machine Gun fans that might be too difficult to control.

For PC gamers:

Raw input (mouse): An (under mouse keyboard — Global)

This setting is important because it is your Windows mouse settings ignored. So you always prevent that their poor mouse acceleration have in Battlefield 2,042nd

sniffed: Space (lower Keys — Pilot: In)

Battlefield 2042 PRO Settings Guide ( Best Visibility and Performance )

With the mouse, it is difficult to contact with the jet. The space bar can help out here, as it makes turning maneuvers evenly.

It is important to emphasize that all settings are a matter of taste. Depending on your goals, preferences, strengths and weaknesses you can help a setting as more than another. This also applies to the weapons — sometimes their own favorite weapon is not just in the Meta.

However, the sooner you start to find out his own preferences, the faster you have opponents that do not follow these tips. Unfortunately, you will not be so easy to show your improvements as before. Because: Players are already angry with Battlefield 2042 because they can not specify properly


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