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10 Best Xbox One Games from 2019

Microsoft s console had a fairly good year 2019, all in all...

Every year is a year full of heights and depths for the Xbox One, but on the whole, in 2019 was a pretty solid year for the Microsoft console. While most positive aspects with things like Game Pass and the impressive basics of Microsoft had to do for the next generation, there was no shortage of excellent game versions on the Xbox One. We will distinguish these outstanding games here and list the ten nominees for our best Xbox One Pass Price 2019 before we select a winner from this group. Let us easily step in.

Note: The nominated and winners were determined by an internal coordination among the entire GamingBolt employees.

The nominees:

Resident Evil 2

Cap com has been in motion for several years and reached its peak in 2019. Resident Evil 2 represents this studio and this franchise at the highest level — literally everything you would like in one Resident Evil game, re2 delivers in Pick. Stable atmosphere, tensioned fight, taut design, amazing graphics and a wealth of thrill and thrill. It is a high watermark for Cap com, for the series, for remakes and for survival horror games as a whole.

10 Best Xbox One Games of 2019 | Games of the Year

Need for Speed Heat

They would not be responsible for thinking that Need for Speed Heat would be another disappointing entry in a franchise company that has been steadily downhill for years, but Ghost Games really surprised us how much fun it did. NFS Heat It goes without saying that a story does not matter to us and that unnecessary online gaming and aggressive monetization only affect what is really fun — fast driving and upgrading your cars. Size offers both in a nutshell, and although there is no new territory, it is a great first step on the way to recovery for this series.

Kingdom Hearts 3

It is really easy to hate Kingdom Hearts earlier But ultimately there is a reason why this series has existed so long, and a reason why Königreichherzen 3 In the end it was the most successful title in the series: it has heart. Much of it. This is something that has always been the franchise, and Königkehherzen 3 also wears his heart on the sleeve. It underpins this heart with some of the best mechanics of the series and some of the strongest levels designs that existed so far. Combine this with the stunning graphics in Pixar quality, the Disney worlds with an amazing amount of care and detailed accuracy, and this conclusion for the long-lasting, sometimes absolutely incomprehensible Dark Seeker saga, which is ultimately still extremely satisfactory.

Borders 3

We all knew exactly what we introduced ourselves Frighten 3- chaos, as the game announces himself, and rifles. Many weapons. More a further development of an established and successful formula as an unnecessary new fitting, Grasslands 3 knows exactly what it needs to do and how it needs to do it. It brings about the Grenzbietieten Experience that we know and love it, and improve it intelligently by making it greater, smoother and smoother. It s not the best of cut bread, but it is definitely exactly what we wanted.

Devil can cry 5

The devil could cry, in the last ten years a few hard years behind him, but in 2019, the series returned into shape. Pick up where The devil may abort cry 4 and an experience offered, which is more likely to correspond to the expectations of the fans of the series, Devil May Cry 5 is the perfect sequel. From the intense, stylish fight to an amazing amount of mechanical depth, from a surprisingly gripping history (especially for serial fans) to first-class visuals. DMC5 is another example of the quality that Cap com can supply when shooting on all cylinders.


Sprung is Remedy Entertainment at the height. It is first a further impressive notch in stories, with typical excellent worlds buildings and characters and a narrative that players at step and occurs in their spell. In addition, it also shows how much they have grown as a developer, because it offers an incomparable gaming experience with chaotic, adrenaline charges struggling and an excellent level design that promotes endless explorations. This is a studio that has worked on many great things over the years, so you can understand how much we like it Sung When we say it is probably the best game to this day.

Gears 5

In recent years, Than wheels of war has lost much of the shine with which the series was normally associated with the Xbox 360 era, but this year Than wheels 5 successfully recovered a large part of it. With its deeper progress mechanics and a stronger emphasis on exploration, he gives the series the urgently needed dose of freshness and at the same time delivers the kind of intense fire habits for which the series has always been known. On the multiplayer side of things, parader 5 is not surprisingly full of addictive content in which you can put dozens of hours. It is a great declaration of intent of The Coalition and an exciting new beginning for the franchise.

The Department 2

The department 2 is all that an ideal successor needs to implement what was so good at its predecessor and at the same time identify the areas that need to be improved, and some urgently needed improvements to make. From an excellent campaign to addictive bag game, from a huge ocean to content up to an excellent cover shooting mechanics. The department 2 is one of the best looters we have seen in this generation. The post-launch support has a bit eased, but at least for the basic game this is one of the best games of Ubisoft in this generation.

Metro Exodus

4a games Metro series has never been at the top of the time s mind, but as fans of the series would say, this is anything but representative of this year s quality of these games Metro exodus was another memorable part of the series. Although it is much larger and more open than its predecessor, yet it still retains the tensioned and narrative focus, after the fans of the series long, while this open nature also leads to an experience that promotes exploration in the organic manner as possible. Here there is still room for improvements, especially with things like a lack of polish and a little weak shooting mechanism, but ultimately exodus is not to be overlooked if you are looking for an excellent single player shooter.

Star Wars Jedi: Falling Order

After a few years full of teas and semi-hearted revelations we finally got the hands of ResPawn Entertainment in the hands Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order this year, and it was all we had hoped for. A single player rail of the Stars a game, which is intended by history and concentration on the characters, is what we long for years, and -lost order is exactly that is more important that it is even more important that it is also excellent fighting functions as well as one Outstanding mixture of platform, puzzle solution and exploration offers. Everything said and done, that s the best War of the Stars game we have played in recent years, and hopefully EA will give us more of us in the coming years.


Gears 5

After the festival but ultimately inconspicuous parader of the war 4, both the series and the developers of the coalition had much to prove parader 5. With a blow you have not only proven get drive is not outdated and irrelevant, you also have the Franchise significantly and delivered one of the best Xbox exclusive, which we have played for years. What is more exciting is that, in addition to the outstanding new recording in this popular franchise, Trader 5 has created with its new ideas also some exciting basics, and if the coalition can properly implement these ideas, we may be in the coming years A very, very shiny future for the series looks.


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