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Gamer now hope for a cheap graphics card - but that does not come from AMD or Nvidia

A graphics card (additionally called a video clip card, present card, graphics adapter, or display adapter) is a growth card which creates a feed of result images to a display screen tool (such as a computer system monitor). Regularly, these are marketed as discrete or committed graphics cards, stressing the distinction between these as well as integrated graphics. At the core of both is the graphics processing system (GPU), which is the major component that does the real calculations, yet ought to not be confused with the graphics card overall, although GPU is usually made use of as a metonymy shorthand to describe graphics cards. A lot of graphics cards are not limited to easy display outcome. Their integrated graphics processor can perform extra handling, removing this job from the central processor of the computer. As an example, Nvidia and also AMD (previously ATI) generated cards that provide the graphics pipes OpenGL as well as DirectX on the hardware degree. In the later 2010s,

Kingston Fury Renegade PS5 Testimonial

Back in September, we educated you how very easy it is to update your PS5 SSD. If you're anything like us, you've already loaded your integrated SSD and also have located yourself revisiting guides like that a person, discovering the suggestion of including even more storage space. No person likes to erase old video games just to set up brand-new ones, so in today's review, we're hosting likely to explore a brand-new option from Kingston. The Fury Renegade intends to deliver impressive speeds and also high abilities to satisfy your requirements for rapid lots times as well as large storage. Does it supply and also is it a great worth for the cost? ADVERTISEMENT Specifications. Current Cost:. 4 TB: $1,069.99 ( 2 TB: $424.99 ( 1 TB: $189.99 (Amazon). 500 GB $114.99 (Amazon). Form factor: M. 2 2280. User interface: PCIe 4.0 NVMe. Capabilities: 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB. Controller: Prison E18. NAND: 3D TENDER LOVING CARE. Consecutive rea

Deathfelde at the top

. With views of the table, the SV Deathbed is likely to be warmly warm the heart despite the cold season. In the last match of the calendar year 2021, the SVT drove a bravuras 6-0 victory against Keller kind Putin 08 and may now overwinter on the square on the sun. In tremendous space conditions, the spectators at the beginning offered a first combined game with many two-fight and few playful highlights. Although the visual obesity was quite on the part of the favorite, the first thick possibility again on the guests. Tim student came to a standard situation from a promising position. Only the post prevented the early guest guidance. Afterwards that happened what was to be expected. Deathbed increased the pressure and rewarded in the 33rd minute with the 1: 0 lead. After a rebound, where guest Keeper Wolf looked a bit unhappy, Death field was top scorer loving to the spot and squeezed the ball over the line. Liberty it was also, the Putin ultimately put the K.O.-beat. Even before the b

Four Seasons: Das Avatar

The iconic Nickelodeon series Avatar : Lord of the elements is more than easy child entertainment for me; It is one of the best cartoon series for young and old. And apparently I'm not the only one who thinks: from love of the Avatar series, Ella Gaming works and his team on a full avatar game. In conversation with ELLA, I have a lot of work on the project, the challenges for the team and upcoming levels. The largest avatar fan project so far ELLA is a German YouTuber with a great passion for the avatar universe. If he could tame an element, the fire would be because then he never had to eat or make tea warm. Practically! For over two years, ELLA has been working on Four Seasons — A Fan-Created Avatar Game and binds its community via Twitch and YouTube. The ambitious project should appear in the PlayStation game Dreams by Media Molecule (Little Big Planet), which provides you with a wide range of developer tools to create your own games, but also animation films, music pieces o

Battlefield 2042 is already from the worst Steam qualified games

Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter computer game developed by DICE as well as published by Digital Arts. The video game was released on November 19, 2021, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Collection X as well as Collection S. Unlike recent Battlefield games, Battlefield 2042 is exclusively multiplayer and does not have a single-player campaign. It also features assistance for cross-platform play, a very first in the collection. Upon launch, Battlefield 2042 got mixed testimonials from doubters. Battlefield 2042 He debuted last Friday, and everything indicates that the community was not happy with the new proposal multiplayer of EA and says. We say this because the Shooter is already positioned as one of the qualified worst of all Steam. And, at the time of writing, Battlefield 2042 has almost 36 thousand reviews on Steam, most of them negative. Because of this, what's new about EA Figure within the Top 10 of the Games with the wors

Kojima Productions: Hideo Teasert New project

Kolyma Productions Co., Ltd. is a Japanese computer game growth studio established in 2005 by video game designer Video Kolyma, designer of the Metal Gear series. It was established as a subsidiary of INAMI. The studio had around 100 staff members, but expanded to over 200 for Metal Equipment Strong 4: Weapons of the Patriots. After leaving INAMI and finishing the contract, Kolyma reformed the business as an independent workshop in Hiragana. On Twitter, Gamed Designer Video Kolyma has posted a cryptic teaser for something that looks like a new project, and it is believed that Norman Reeds could be involved. To see is a studio in which may be filmed. The focus is on a person in white shirt and black boots that is traded in the comments under the Tweet as Norman Reeds — of course unconfirmed. Reeds should play the main role in Kodiak Silent Hills project before failing, but has occurred in Death Stranding. > Recently I revised the plan and script and experimented with everything

Battlefield 2042 Obtains A Nice Discount For Black Friday

Black Friday is a colloquial term for the Friday adhering to Thanksgiving in the United States. It generally notes the start of the Xmas purchasing period in the USA. Lots of stores deal highly advertised sales at reduced rates as well as typically open early, often as early at twelve o'clock at night and even on Thanksgiving. Some shops' sales remain to Monday ( Cyber Monday ) or for a week ( Cyber Week ). Occurring on the 4th Friday in November unless November 1st is a Friday, Black Friday has regularly been the busiest buying day of the year in the USA since 2005. If you have not gotten Battlefield 2042 yet, currently's your chance to grab it for less on Black Friday. The newly released on the internet multiplayer shooter gets on sale for $47 at Walmart. This deal is offered for the PS5, PS4, and also Xbox physical versions of Battlefield 2042. This is the very first significant price cut we've seen on Battlefield 2042 considering that it released last week. I

Amazon Black Friday - Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro 256 GB at the best price on offer [advert]

MINI (pronunciation: Me You I) is a customized Android ROM established by electronic devices' producer Xiaomi for its smartphones. This is a fork of the Android OS. MINI includes different attributes such as style support. There are different versions for every Xiaomi phone, and also each variation has variants according to the regions in which the phone is marketed, such as Chinese, International, EEA, Pakistan, Russian, Indonesian, Indian, Taiwan and Turkish. Xiaomi has actually released some smartphones with Android One while others have MINI, based on the existing variation of Android. Xiaomi's gadgets generally get three Android version upgrade, yet obtain MINI updates for four years. The first MINI ROM was based upon Android 2.2.x Frodo and also was initially created in the Chinese language by Chinese start-up Xiaomi Technology. Xiaomi included a number of applications to the standard framework, including their Notes, Back-up, Music, as well as Gallery apps. An organizati

Tales Of Arise Decrease To $30 In This Black Friday Deal

Among the finest RPGs of the year, Tales of Arise, simply obtained a hefty discount in time for Black Friday. Created as well as published by Banzai NAMC, Tales of Arise is an extensive adventure set in the globe of Dana, and normally retails for $60. Right currently though, GameStop's Black Friday deal has it discounted to $30 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Collection X versions. In situation, you missed it, our Tales of Arise testimonial racked up the video game a 7/10, commending its mix of hectic as well as action-packed fights, witty small talk between characters, as well as gorgeous visuals. If you're seeking a prolonged, charming, as well as appealing RPG to use your shiny new console or computer PC gaming gear, Tales of Arise is certainly a fine selection. Just do not enter into it expecting an all-time standard, doubter Heidi Kemp's wrote in her evaluation. Black Friday has actually brought substantial bargains on plenty of various other video games,

The Outer Worlds 2 could be launched earlier than expected

It seems that The 2 outer worlds, which is the sequel to the Obsidian Entertainment 2019 role-play, can end up throwing itself before what was initially expected. Earlier this year, Xbox Game Studios and Obsidian confirmed that the external worlds 2 was under development through initial progress of the game. And although this trailer affirmed that the work in the project was still in the early stages, it seems that Obsidian has been developing the game for a little more than expected. Recently, the fans noted that the director of Obsidian, Dan Mass, revealed on his official LinkedIn that The exterior worlds has apparently been under development since 2019. Mass did not offer many details about the next sequel, but his profile indicates that The worlds Exteriors 2 has been in some type of development since September 2019. This means that Obsidian was already preparing plans for a follow-up entry before the original game arrived at stores. Assuming that all this information sounds

Halo infinite server status - Are the servers inactive? - How to check it

Hallo Infinite is a first-person shooting computer game beside premiered sci-fi video game franchise business created by Bungee Studios and currently created by 343 Industries. It will certainly be exclusive for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series X’s systems. The game is established by 343 Industries and dispersed by Xbox Game Studios. The game is a follow-up to Halo's background 5: Guardians as well as Halo Wars 2 yet cataloged by 343 Industries as a spiritual reboot for the Saga Halo, or the start of a brand-new Halo era, it is understood that it will be a game with globe inspiration Open up reminding Halo EC that had an expedition aspect however in sequela it was becoming more linear. The Master Chief The Great Hero of Humanity as well as Main Personality of the Legend faced a bloodthirsty as well as terrifying group that were as soon as component of the Commitment called the eradicated, these were integrated from Halo Wars 2 and in the novels of the Universe of Ha

Switch version Chaos; Head NOAH / CHAOS; Child Double Pack Released on February 24! That sexy patch also comes with the first production

Mages. The delusional science adventure for Nintendo switches Chaos; Head Noah / Chaos; Child Double Pack was announced on February 24, 2012 (Thursday). This product is Chaos; Head of Science Adventure Series by Shimizu Chairman, Chaos; Head, and it was released as a consumer game in February 2009, Chaos; Head Noah, December 2014 Included Chaos; Child released as a complete new production. Both works are also a story that axes the New Generation Madness that has occurred in Shibuya, and transplants to the Nintendo Switch will be the first time. The package illustration has a Chaos series main character design, and Koizumi's drawn drafting (※ pattern will be published later). For the release date determination, the official site and the latest PV are also released. ◆ Delusions are more clear! ? Chaos; Head NOAH first HD remastered! In addition, all HD remastered versions of all OP Movies are also included! Chaos; Head NOAH, which is recorded in this work, is the first HD r

WETA WORKSHOP: The Lord of the Rings Studio works on game too big IP

WET Workshop is actually known for its groundbreaking effects in the feature film trilogy from the Lord of the Rings. But you also develop video games in his game department. For a new and unknown project for consoles and PC you are looking for a Game Producer. The game is a large and well-known IP, which is very close to the studio, as it is called in the job description. Wet Workshop has also worked on franchise as King Kong, Avatar and Hobbit next to the Lord of the Rings.

Micla Ichimi 15 VTuber kills-cooperation, betrayal, killing, and anything VTUBER Battle Royale held!

From Tuber and Songs, a TUBER Battle Royale was held using Mine Craft . This plan is that 15 Tuber kills a certain island (664 square meters wide) in a virtual space. Cooperation, betrayal, endless, no problem is there. The participants who survive until the end will be awarded 50,000 yen. Are you also interested in topics related to Attendance Number Games? VTUBER Battle Royale The time limit is 5 days (in-game time). The island is divided into 16 areas, and it is designated as an intrusion prohibition area at a pace of 4 areas per day from the second day. The neck bomb explodes when entering the infiltration prohibited area. There is a special chest everywhere on the island, and items to help games such as weapons, ammunition and food are available. We will make full use of these, and you will be able to run out of matches and negotiations. ◆ List of participants (honorific abbreviation) · Attendance number No. 1: Boiled seaweed / dog mountain (@ notion ) · Attendance number

BVB | Club Sportings horror

On Wednesday evening, the BVB in the Champions League practically is already about everything. Borussia Dortmund loses the penultimate group game at the Portuguese Top Club Club Sportinging with more than one goal, the premature leaving from the premier class is perfect. But the BVB has different plans. Like head coach Marco Rose on Tuesday again underlined, the black and yellow lives with the kick-off 21:00 clock a win in Lisbon. If in Portugal, there is the second Away-Threirout of the current Champions League season, the second place in Group C behind Ajax Amsterdam would be prematurely brought under the roof and subject. As a great courier for the duel with Club Sportinging in Studio José Alva lade, the Westphalia moved above all the performance from the first leg. On the 28th of September, the BVB won with a local audience with 1: 0, but had the counterparty from Lisbon under control over the entire season. Club Sportinging came in Dortmund to virtually no significant offe

Tales Of Arise Decrease To $40 In This Black Friday Deal

1979 Revolution: Black Friday is an interactive and experience dramatization video game developed as well as released by Ink Studios, with the aid of N-Fusion Interactive. It was released on April 5, 2016, for Microsoft Windows and macOS, on June 10, 2016, for IOS gadgets as well as December 14, 2016, for Android gadgets. The gamers regulate Reza Shiraz, an aspirant photographer, that goes back to Iran in the middle of the Iranian transformation. As he ends up being much more associated with the occasions of the Change, Reza is required to choose to survive. Players make solutions timed throughout the video game, figuring out the outcome of the plot. The video game was under advancement for 4 years, and was developed to integrate aspects of video game and also docudramas with an appealing narrative. The Supervisor of the Video Game David Khomeini, who was a youngster in Iran at the time of the Change, established the game with the intention of making gamers recognize the ethical obscu

Commemorate Ramsgiving in Dauntless With Ram Shield, New Benefits, and also the Irreversible Gruk

Events in online games are happening regularly, yet occasionally there are some fun offbeat touches that attract attention. Dauntless is running Rams giving from tomorrow, November 23rd through the 30th. Be prepared to make ram-themed loot, battle a crowd of gruk-gruks, and also much more throughout the weeklong occasion. During the event, there will certainly be event, shield and also clothing as well as hats that take motivation from the rams, as well as more. Dauntless will certainly additionally include some historical or and also a new report from the Translates, the ram translators, over in Rams gate. The Ram translators will certainly turn up near the 5 resident rams of Rams gate. Interact with the translation gadgets, and also you will get tradition material regarding the rams as well as the gruk-gruks, their natural adversaries. You'll be able to also obtain hints for unlocking a new weapon skin. The Gruk-Gruk Rumble Is essential to stopping an uprising. The animals ha

PS plus December 2021

Viacom Domestic Media Networks (previously MTV Networks as well as Viacom Media Networks) is a United States division of Viacom media that manages the procedures of several of its television networks and also Internet brands. Its relevant international division is Viacom Networks International. You do not have to wait a long time , then the official announcement of the PlayStation Plus games of the month of December 2021. If Sony stops at the traditional revelation rhythm, this time the following data results: Expected appointment: Wednesday. December 1, 2021 Expected time: 17: 30 (German time) When are the games available? Tuesday, the 7 . December 2021 (at 12 oclock at noon German time) How is this appointment? The PS plus games are published by default on the first Tuesday of the month. And Wednesday in the week before the revelation takes place. This results in a revelation on December 1 and activation on December 7th for this month. 17:30 clock is the traditional tim

PS plus games in December 2021: Release, rumors and speculation

This is a list of games for the Xbox video game console. December is already in front of the door and thus the next round of bonus games for the PS plus owners. In this article, your rumors and speculation finds which games could give it in December. This is speculated: Every month PlayStation fans speculate which games could give it in the coming month for the owners of a PS-Plus subscription. Even for December there is a fan theory that states that the game Heavenly Bodies will belong to the free bonus games. Its a new game published for PC, PS4 and PS5 and the release date falls on the possible release of the next charge of PS-Plus games: December 7th. If you do not notice the MMORPG add-on FFI: End Walker, for which no PS-plus needed, it is the only game that appears on the day. In the past, it has already happened several times that Sony PS5 games has brought directly to the release in the PS-Plus directly. This includes, for example, Bright Let Loose, which celebrated the re

Selected for 22 days of government,

Our financial holding residual stake in the sale process is determined by a company that has been hoping to purchase stake in the 22nd. Recently, the public fund management committee (Configuration) said that we have finished the bidding of the bidding of the bidding of the competitive bidding of our financial holding remaining stake in our financial holding residual stake . Currently, a construction company or a carrier, a pin ten enterprise, etc., said that, but the conflict said, This sale volume is 10% of the stake in the deposit insurance construction. The minimum bid amount is 1%, and the bid varies depending on the financial journal or non-financial questions. This sale is given to the investor obtained by 4% of this sale. From 1998 to 2006, the government has committed public funds to summarize the truth of five financial institutions such as the old light bank. Since September 2004, we have been selling our banks.

Beyond Good & Evil 2: Game is still in development

Are you also interested in topics related to Michael Ancel Games? Michael Ancel in September departure from Michael Ancel The development of Beyond Good & Evil 2 should be in a crisis. Supposedly it lacks the game on a creative directional specification. The departure from Michael Angel in September last year, everything should have made worse. The insider Tom Henderson reported at the weekend and stated that in the opinion of some developers, it was only a matter of time before the development is set. But it should not be so bad about the game. A developer later reported to Henderson and said that Beyond Good & Evil 2 continues to be developed in development. But a publication is still three to four years away.

Leading 10 On Netflix Today: Red Notice, Love Hard, As Well As Large Mouth

Red Dead Redemption II, is a computer game of Action-Adventure and also Western Multiplatform, established by Rock star Studios, and released by Rock star Gaming, released October 26, 2018, on PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One and also November 5, 2019, on Windows. A Stadia version additionally released November 19, 2019. He belongs to the Red Dead Permit as well as is the successor of the Red Dead Redemption Action-Adventure Game and its expansion UNDEAD PROBLEM, marketed in 2010 at the exact same author. The game is well-known by the criticism, getting an average rating of 97/100 on Metacritic as well as Game rankings. Netflix is undoubtably the most-popular streaming service on the marketplace . Since October, Netflix has more than 213 million paid clients. However, what is everyone enjoying? Fortunately, the firm keeps an eye on whats popular on the application as well as updates it daily. You can check out daily updates for the top 10 on Netflix listed below. Heres whats trendin

Tortipouss - Sparkling Diamond Pokémon / Twinkling Pearl - 387

Tortious is a plant type Pokémon appeared during the fourth generation and available in sparkling diamond versions and sparkling pearl. Summary: Information | Evolutions | Talents | Statistics | Weaknesses | Appearance | Locations | Attacks | Useful links | National | 387 Singh | - TORTIOUS | | | Turning | Battle | TORTIOUS National | 387 Singh | — | | Turning | | Battle | Genre | Category | Capture rate Male: 87.5% Female: 12.5% ​​| Pokémon Mindfully | 45 (Medium) Size | Weight | Basic happiness 0.4 m | 10.2 kg | 70 egg group | hatching | EV given Monstrous Vegetal | 5120 PAS | 1 ATT. | Kind | Male: 87.5% | Female: 12.5% Category Pokémon MiniFeuille Capture rate 45 (Medium) Cut 0.4 m Weight 10.2 kg Basic happiness 70 egg group | Monstrous | Vegetal hatching 5120 not EV given 1 ATT. evolutions | Tortious | → NIV 18 | Oskar | → NIV 32 | Weaker --- TALENTS | Fertilizer | Increases the power of 50% plant type attacks when Pokémon has less

Hideki Kamiya apologizes once again with Microsoft for the canceling of Scaleboound

This short article lists the most sold video clip games all the systems, along with video games sold greater than a million duplicates on the various existing platforms. Much hPlatinum Games already rained from the amazing cancellation of Scaleboound, one of the most promising exclusive projects of Japanese development for Xbox One. And is that Platinum Games the fans of Platinum Games will remember, in 2017 an adventure of action wPlatinum Games canceled with a fantPlatinum Gamestic pint starring a young warrior and a colossal dragon, a title that seemed to exploit the specialty of the creators of Bayonet ta. But after three years since his ad, Microsoft canceled Scaleboound by surprise Platinum Games he admitted that he wanted to focus his efforts on other projects; For its part, from Platinum Games acknowledged shortly after the failure by both parties. Now, Hide Kamila, Maximum responsible for the Japanese study, hPlatinum Games deepened more about what led to the cancellation

Locking the FC Bayern? Instagram vortex around Karim Adeyemi - also BVB

Completely surprisingly, FC Bayern lost 1: 2 at FC Augsburg and opened Borussia Dortmund and Co. the opportunity to make the fight for the championship exciting again. Brian: National player Karim Adam, which is courted by both the dealers and BVB, should have liked the bankruptcy. After the final whistling sealed the defeat of FC Bayern in Augsburg, posted the football community 433 — The Home of Football (43.8 million subscribers) on Instagram a snapshot of FCA offensive player André Hahn, scorer of the second goal of the Fuggerstädter, As well as the result of the game and the text: Augsburg defies all adversities with a priceless victory against Bayern. To the now over 800,000 persons who have provided the contribution to the bankruptcy of Bayern with a Like, Karim Adam of Red Bull Salzburg is to be heard on Friday evening shortly after the game. Screenshots, which should prove this circumstance, ghosted on Saturday morning through social networks. Like deleted or a fake messa

Hyundai Motor Group, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Organization Reorganization... Development and business separation and expansion

Hyundai Group announced on the 19-day that he was reorganized as a tissue officer for reinforcing hydrogen fuel cell development capabilities and resource concentration and efficiency, and expanding business organizations, and expanding business organizations. According to the reorganization of this tissue, research and development headquarters suspension of Park Jong-un will take charge of hydrogen fuel cells. Park Surface is a direct leading the development and business of hydrogen fuel cells, and focuses resources in the laboratory. Existing hydrogen fuel cell divisions are separated and enlarged into development and business tissue. The hydrogen fuel cell development center focuses on the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology, development system and securing cost reduction and performance. Hydrogen fuel cell division focuses on production technology development and quality, with business strategy and operations. Hydrogen fuel cell development center is Kim Season, a

ScaleBound Backside of Development of Development, The Wonderful 101 Consurgger-Kamiya Ebisu Interview [Cutscenes]

The Platinum variety is a commercial tag utilized by Sony in the friend region to promote as well as stimulate sales of the very best marketing video games on the PlayStation gaming consoles, to PlayStation 3. Archive, which works with a number of creator artists, a number of creator artists , ARCHIVE, which operates jointly, he has released the sixth of the interview video of Platinum Games in the CUTSCENES. This time, The Wonderful 101 ( Released for Wii U at that time) (Released for Wii U at that time) in 2020 ( THE WONDERFUL 101: Remastered ) (Released for Wii U) (Publishing Nintendo) and Collaborative Titles with Microsoft So, while attracting high attention in the whole world, it has become a content that looks back on scale bound that has been discontinued. Long interview with Kamiyukis career. Why Biohazard 4 became Devil May Cry -Addition on the back of the stage that Kamila Pirogi says and after the stage [Cutscenes] What is the mission that Mr. Shinji Miami im

FC Bayern | Nubel over new: Then I will not have a chance

Goalkeeper Alexander Nobel expressly praised his teammate Manuel New at the German Football Record Master Bayern Munich. He was and is the best goalkeeper of the world. Hes just a legend, said the 25-year-old in teammate Manuels1 podcast My Bavaria Week. Nobel, who came since the summer as a rental player at AS Monaco to a total of 20 missions, can imagine a return to Munich very well. I give everything for it and believe that I will at some point the number one at FC Bayern, he said. Currently, new coach Julian Nagelsmann is undisputed, with a possible extension of the 2023 expiring contract of the Bayern captain also several years. As long as hes the best goalkeeper and the better goalkeeper for Bayern Munich, then he will play. Then I will have no chance in two, three or ten years, said Nobel. It always applies the performance principle. The subject of national team and home EM 2024 is currently not an issue for Nobel. If Im invited someday, I would be huge, he stressed, But I

Pragmata Delayed To 2023, New Video And Also Art Work Released By Capcom

Cap com s upcoming sci-fi title, Pragmatic, has actually been postponed to 2023. Pragmatic was initially introduced throughout the PlayStation 5 disclose occasion back in June 2020. It featured an astronaut going through New York city who comes across a little lady. An unusual glitch-in-the-matrix takes place as well as all of an abrupt, a satellite collision through the sky and also after that the duo finishes up precede after utilizing some unusual 3D printer-like device. It s as unusual as it sounds, as you can see from the Pragmatic statement trailer. However, when it was initial disclosed, Cap com claimed the video game would certainly launch in 2022. Now, it s been delayed to 2023, which isn t all that unusual thinking about that 2020 look at the title was the last we listened to regarding Pragmatic. Our team is hard at the workplace on the task, but to ensure this will be a remarkable journey, we ve made a decision to shift the launch window to 2023. In the meanwhile, we ha