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Don t Starve Together as well as Terraria are teasing a crossover, Solemn Nights returns to DST

Appears like something is brewing in between the programmers of Do not Starve With Each Other (Klei) and also Terraria (Re-Logic) with some type of cross-over prepared for both video games.

Simply recently Do not Starve Together had a huge Quality of Life Update with these renovations:

Web server admins as well as neighborhood hosts can now stop briefly the video game. Chat now has a history of the last 100 messages as well as lingers between the character pick screen, woodland, and caverns. Added profanity filtering system. This can be disablled in the choices menu or configured in your Steam Neighborhood Web Content Preferences. All creatures can now be affected by enthusiasts The Bee Queen Crown, Bone Shield, Bone Helm, Darkness Thurible, as well as Spiderhat can now be deconstructed. Development Solution Starter as well as Composting Bin now call for an Alchemy Engine to model. Decreased the active ingredients for crafting the Premier Gardeneer Hat and also Moon Rock Walls Boosted the Pick/Axe s toughness and also damage. Moongleams and also Infused Moon Shards currently take longer to ruin. Mouse as well as Key-board actions can now be unbound in the controls alternative food selection.

Furthermore, the Hallowed Nights event has actually returned for gamers that want that added bit of Halloween enjoyable in DST. Klei discussed the event is primarily the same as in 2014, besides a reward or more being added and there s cost-free spooky costumes offered for a minimal time. Once you initially login during the event, you also get a complimentary The Trick or Treat Breast containing one of 18 treasure outfit collections.

Much more interestingly is that in their update blog post Klei stated a super-secret job that we have been very cautious not to leak that we definitely can not disclose at the minute however it s rather clear what it will be when going by the Re-Logic (Terraria programmer) Twitter account that published Just a little bit of Terraria news, no large offer with a web link to a forum article that joked about them not done adding web content to Terraria and also they revealed this:

In reply, Klei on Twitter showed their very own Gif of Terraria:

Appears like it could be fairly fun to keep an eye on.

Write-up drawn from Terraria.


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